Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daily Reading 3/22/11

The first thing  I notice is the sun on the Chariot VII, I guess since it's so rainy and gloomy here. Being the Chariot VII, I take this to mean that I need to be mindful of keeping my spirits high regardless of the nasty cold weather. This card is all about balancing your emotions. The Wheel X in this deck is so wierd to me. I guess it is saying about the many ups and downs in life. And the 7 of cups in this deck os so pretty, but I need to study it....Ahh.... The beautiful woman is staring into the water, but her reflection is that of a skeleton. I guess part of me does feel so dead inside a lot of the time. The 7 of Cups is about choices that are very emotional.  Maybe I might want to make choices that stop waisting my life away huh.

Given the elemental dignities, all that water and just the one earth, this is about wanting to get grounded and just doing more floating. There are no fire cards= no drive. No air cards = not wanting to think aobut all the shit I should be doing. The cards I have are all passive, fire and air cards that are lacking are active cards.

I'm now getting off this damn computer. 

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