Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Romance Reading

Someone asked me to do a reading on what is blocking them from true love, and requested I use my Tarot of the Sweet Twilight.  So let's see what the cards have to say:

1. What do you need in a relationship?
2. What you will bring to a relationship?
3. What behaviors or beliefs are blocking you from what you want?
4. How can you transform those things to put you on the path to get what you want?
5. Outcome if you follow the advice of card 4.

1. The Empress III- You are all about the love and passion! The Empress is ruled by the planet Venus. You love romance and need to be courted and treated like the precious gift you are, even to be spoiled. But this can NEVER come at the price of your independence. I'd also say that shall we say... "earthly desires"... Oh hell, we're all adults here! You are NOT playing about your sex! LOL You are very sensual and adventurous and sex is a huge part of how you express your love for your partner. You also need to nurture and to be nurtured in return.  But I wonder if this can lead to problems by you finding men with mamma issues. Either they are mamma's boys or they don't have good relationships with their moms and expect you to fill that role. You are extremely protective of your partner and loyalty is of the utmost importance. Not just fidelity, but let's say someone was mistreating you or being unfair. Even if you were somehow wrong in the situation, your mate had better defend you tooth and nail in front of others, and be a little careful when mentioning the situation in private as well. You are very emotional and can be a bit moody, but your love is as rock solid as Mother Earth herself, and you need a rock solid commitment.

2. 4 of Wands- This is known as the marriage card. You are looking for the real deal and are looking for a partner who will be your rock, your refuge. Again, I feel that passion is a key component and you have plenty of it given the fire of a wand card, but you will bring a lot of stability, comfort and security with it. Your partner can come to you and talk and express their deepest, inner-most feelings or fears and know they have your total attention and concern. (This also may be where you need to watch for the mamma issues. You may want to take over and fix things, in stead of letting them handling their own problems and you just stand by and support them) You also have the ability to make them feel at ease just by your presence because you are very intuitive and aware of what is going on inside of them. You make your partner feel inspired and motivated to work at creating a good relationship because you are.

3. 9 of cups- You may not be getting what you want because you may have a few unrealistic expectations. This also shows that you may tend to be extremely emotional and get swept away with the fairy tales we were all sold about what love is/should be. I'd also say a bit more inner transformation with regard to self-love needs to take place.

4. 2 of swords- Find balance between your head and your heart. I feel like you get swept away with the passion and emotion and don't always see things for what the really are and that makes you either turn cold or lash out at the other person. But before you get involved, this card is telling me you need to take a good long look at what you really want so you can make better choices. Sometimes even if we don't know what it is we want, we know what we sure as hell don't want. Write those things down in two lists and then refer back to it to make sure the choices you make in partners is in sync with your choices on the list.
    Another thing it's saying is about communication. Start working on how you communicate with others you are close to now so that you'll have better skills with your partner.  I'm wondering if you clam up when you are upset and then when your emotions get to a point you can no longer hold them in, you come on like a hurricane and slice them to ribbons with the words you use. Make sure you get enough alone time to sort through the things in your head, but don't make your partner feel like an outcast when you do. Explaining that this is crucial to you feeling even and balanced and that it doesn't mean you don't love them or that you are rejecting them will go a long way.

5. Knave (page) of pentacles- You have the strong potential to set the ground work for a solid and stable relationship. I love to see pentacles in romance readings because of they symbolize growth and strength that is long term and steady, not fly-by-night. Being a page, this also addresses healthy communication skills. If follow the advice of the previous cards, you can end up feeling confident about the choices you make and get tangible results. For some reason I feel like your mate may not fit the "norm" of who you or others around you may expect or think you should be with. But as long as you both share the same values and goals, you'll have something that is healthy and has the potential to evolve and grow.

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