Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reading In Jackson Square: Give/Get

I've decided that while I am here in NOLA I am going to put on my big girl panties and go read cards in Jackson Square. I got the idea from a really nice lady named Traci from the LinkedIn Group called Tarot Entrepreneurs  that Theresa The Tarot Lady started. It's a really great group of readers both new and experienced.
So I decided to do a reading about it using my Shadows and Light oracle that I absolutely love and has been so very accurate for readings I've done, both for myself and for others.

1. What do I bring to this new venture? Death and the Maiden- The caption on the card reads, "Invasion, boundaries violated, dominance". Ok, when I first got this, I was like WTF?! Then I reminded myself to calm the hell down and just read the card in the context of the question. I first noticed it is numbered 28. 2+8= 10, a transitional phase, the cusp of the old phasing into the new. Right now, that describes exactly where I am in life to a T. As I look at this skeleton, he really seems to have no sense of boundaries. I mean, he is all up in this poor girls personal space and she seems a bit intimidated. How many times do we need a reading to help us with these kinds off issues and situations. Be it some guy/chick stuff, or an employer, or a parent. And definitely the obnoxious "Yeah, but..." negative part inside each of us. I am sure I will have many a person needing guidance on how to set healthy boundaries and not be bullied, but to assert dominance in their own lives. Hell, I'm doing just that myself! This card shows that many of my experiences will be very helpful to others finding their own voice and power. It's not always about blatant abuse. Sometimes it's harder to see, just like the skeleton is hovering behind The Maiden. Sometimes we are The Maiden, so paralyzed with fear and what is not a good situation is not obvious. It comes in many forms, guilt, blame, co-dependence, emotional blackmail. Sometimes we are Death, sucking the life out of others. Been on both sides of that coin, sad to say. I can see where this will help me to allow Spirit to speak through me with an honest and direct voice, yet not come across as an judgemental asshole.

2. What will I gain from this venture? Marie Masquerade- "Glamour, intrigue, drama"- The first thing I notice is the mask in her hand, very Mardi Gras it is. And her gown and the word masquerade are making me think of all the wonderful balls here in New Orleans. In particular, the first annual Witches Ball of New Orleans that I am very sorry to say I won't be attending this year. I wonder if the lady who organized it and also has a very nice shop in The Quarter (I'll be blogging about it soon) will end up having me do readings in her store? That could be very cool since it is very well known and respected.

Next thing I notice is that this is card 14. 1+4=5, and 5's = bullshit. Oh boy, let's read what the booklet says. Hmm, seems to say that people will be jealous and gossipy due to me being very successful, so to be aware of getting pulled into petty drama and silly little games. Networking is great and will be helpful. And this is a very word of mouth type bussiness. I just need to be mindful of who I get close to or wants to get too close to me too quickly. I think I;ll have to be sure to do a lot of cleansing and protection rituals, which I planned to do. It's just sad that it will not only be due to clients, but coleagues as well. Thanks for the heads up Marie Masquerade.


  1. Great reading with this oracle. I got it for myself a few months ago and ended up giving it away since I couldn't use it at all... unlike you :) Best wishes for your new venture!

  2. My very first coment, Yay! Thank you Lisa. I haven't used an oracle deck in about 8 or 9 years. It was one of Doreen Virtue's, the Goddess Oracle and it has the most gorgeous picture of Freya I've ever seen. But this S&L Oracle just nagged at me to get it and I am so happy with it! Please send some positive energy about my plans to read in The Square though. I just found out I actually do have to get a permit. Been trying all day to get in touch with someone about that. Gotta love trying to contact any gov't office lol.


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