Monday, October 10, 2011

The King of Swords Still Gives Me Butterflies

This is actually Saturday's draw. I just asked "what would be the energy of the day". I got the King of Swords as the rockstar and the backup singers were the Magician I and the the Moon XVIII. I got from this that I need to bring out the energies of the KofSw, his logical, direct, to-the-point decisiveness which Goddess knows I lack! Look how confident this KofSw looks. That would play perfectly off the Magician. He looks like even he is in awe of the magick he is creating. Both are ruled by air and the Magician by the planet Mercury which is all about communication and speed. I need to learn to process my thoughts more quickly so I can take more decisive actions and trust myself more to make good decisions. The Magician can show my inner KofSw I have everything it takes to create the results I want. A certain someone who's card is the KofSw and still has a place in my heart (if you've read my blog for a bit then you know who I mean, the one who moved to Australia. You can plat catchup here if you'd like to know more) popped in my head. I thought about his personality and certain risky but very rewarding decisions he made and how they paid off big time. I need to follow his lead in that respect. I just need to calm the negative Moon aspects of fear of the unknown that keep my emotions in control instead of assuming a commanding presence who cuts through the shit, makes moves and gets results. This is also shown by fact that the cards are the elements of air/air/water. This was the message I got when I did the cards early in my day.

While I was out and about I got two signs with regard to that certain someone who was my King of Swords. First sign was a street in Uptown New Orleans that is his first name. About an hour later I got sign number two. One way my guides speak to me is through license plates and I saw one from Colorado, the state he lived in before moving to The Land Down Under. As I drove around Lee Circle I thought about the night we met in the French Quarter and how there was that instant spark of electricity. And I felt it again from thinking about the strong connection we had. Then I felt the pang of dissapointment that there was just too much E.S. (extra shit) going on in both our lives that kept things from working out. Before he moved, we had a really good, very open and honest talk and he made it clear to me that he was really sorry things didn't work out and he knew I'd always be in his heart. I admitted the same. When I got back to the house that night and was puttzing around on FB I saw these really crazy, really cool black boots with the skeleton of a leg and foot on them, like it was an X-ray. I tagged my dear friend Seleus who does the Lotus Flower blog on Nicheren Buddhism in the post. I'll be damned if said Aquarian KofSw didn't click "like" on it! We don't really communicate anymore. He has a g/f and I am very happy for him that he is doing so well and is happy. But I think that we both still have feeelings that stem from all of the "What if's??" so it's just not possible for us to have an actual friendship. But every blue moon he will "like" something I post and I know that is his way of saying hi. It also shows that the connection is still there. And everytime he does, I still get butterflies and think of the night we met and everything that we shared. And I still hear my heart ask, "Man....What if..."

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