Saturday, October 15, 2011

Outlook For a Relationship For a Querent

Someone asked me to do a romance reading about them and another person and asked me to use the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight. Let's see what it has to say.

1. Where things stand at this time- 6 of wands- This version of the card always makes me have to really think. Sometimes I will lay out just one card at a time. When this one comes up I know I have to take the other cards around it into very strong consideration. The 6ofW is known as "the victory card", but she is crying, so I usually question are these tears of sorrow or tears of joy? Given the rest of the cards in the reading I'd unfortunately say these are tears of sorrow. She is crying so hard, so many tears are streaming down her face, and she is all alone with no one to comfort her. The Jack -in-the box made me think of bad surprises. I see the spring and I feel him bobbing back and forth. There has been a lot of back and forth with this relationship.  I can hear that song by Loose Ends "Hangin' On a String". The girl has a far away look like she is so tired and in a daze. So all this to me says that the relationship is one of empty victories.  We all have to define what happiness is. I think the girl on the 6ofW is asking you to ask this of yourself.

2 What's blocking things from moving forward or to the next level- King of Swords- I had asked the querent what the other person's sun sign is and this card doesn't reflect the answer. But I wonder if it does still represent the other party. The KofSw is very inteligent and logical, all about practicality. He can be very charming and if intellect is something you find to be a sexy quality, and knowing the querent's sun sign I'd venture to say it is, then I can see the attraction. But the KofSw can also be very cold and detached. In fact his weapon of choice is his words and they can cut like a knife. That intellect that can be so attractive is his go-to weapon of choice. Again, knowing the querent's zodiac sign, I can see where that is like smoking Newport's in a box while standing next to a Exxon tanker. Shit is on and poppin'! And when I think of the elemental dignities of these two cards, fire and air, that just feeds the flame. It also makes me see that there is most likely a lot of passion between the two of them and maybe they feed off of the drama as well. I see all the storm clouds and the little girl in the background looks like she is pissed and giving the king a piece of her mind. She is by no means any shrinking violet! But he has his arms raised, like he is saying "What!?! What's the big deal man!?" It is also like the KofSw has his back turned to our girl on the 6ofSw who is in tears. What's blocking seems to be conflict, stress, detachment and drama.

3. What's best for the other person- 2 of swords- Basically, shit or get off the pot. They are at a crossroads and a decision needs to be made, but that means taking the blinders off and seeing things for what they are. The girl is posted so high out of the water on the chair. It says to me that the other party is not comfortable with their emotions much less anyone else's. The girl's arms are over her heart while she holds a sword. Is the other party very guarded and defensive because of past heartbreak or not having strong emotional connections of any kind? I hear the song by Blondie, "The tide is high but I'm holdin' on. I'm gonna be your number one." But this card and the others say to me that the only person who is number one is the one sitting in this chair. I wish this person would see that the answer to what is best for them is to make an actual decision. Use that cut and dry logic to cut the crap. And to open up some of that water/emotion that is right there and so accessible. It is such a gorgeous, inviting turquoise. Might wanna choose to at least test the waters with a toe. The 2ofSw says cut the shit or at call a truce.

4. What is best for the querent- Queen of Swords- I am really taking note to how many swords there are in this reading and not one cup. It pains me to say that does not bode well for a happy relationship. I love this version of the QofSw. She is strung up to a burning stake, but it is so clear that there is no need to worry about this Queen! This card advises that the best thing the querent can do is fight fire with fire so to speak but in the intellectual realm and give the other person's inner KofSw a worthy adversary and embrace their own inner QofSw. Remove themselves from a less than favorable situation while they still have the strength to do it. And if they feel like they don't, this queen screams otherwise. She is an extremely strong-willed assertive woman. Though she has a strong humanitarian side, mistake her kindness for weakness and watch her rip you a new ass with that sword! The QofSw is often known as the widow or single woman. I don't feel at all that that is their fate. The best thing I can advise the querent is to do is the take time and space alone to clear their head and they will figure out what is best  in the very near future easier than they may be able to right at this exact moment.

5. Advice- Knave (page) of pentacles- I had to go back and check, but my querent got this card in another reading in the same position. It is driving home the point that they need to take steps to begin their own journey and that can best be done on their own right now. Start now to lay the groundwork for what they want to come to fruition in the future. It also is reminding me that I feel that they are supposed to be with someone who is in some way very different or opposite to them. Someone very avant guard and a lot of fun, not at all down for the same-ole-same stuff couples usually do together. Like, their future mate will want to skydive, or go to a Foo Fighters concert. In Munich or Tokyo. But they will have the utmost respect for one another's differences. It will be what makes them a stronger and  unified front to stand up to anyone is stupid enough to try to make trouble or talk shit about their mate. The querent is a Scorpio. Huh...I sure hoe noone is that stupid. Trust! They will SO not get a good result!

6. Outcome if that advice is followed- 8 of pentacles- I see this relationship as a very important learning experience, something they can look back on to remember the good times that were shared but also to remind themselves of what they do and do not want out of a relationship.

I just got my beautiful new Shadows & Light oracle and since I know the querent loves this deck too, I just had to ask it for its take on things by pulling one card. I so wish I had something to say in this reading that is more along the lines of a happy outcome....
Three Witchy Sisters- The booklet says that the hats they wear connect them to celestial knowledge and "they often visit people who know that something isn't quite right, they just can't figure out what it is." And "Something that has jsut happened will happen twice, then three times. Something that has already happened twice will happen one more time. And something that has happened three times is now complete." The two sisters who have their eyes closed remind me of the 2ofSw from earlier and are saying to me that my dear querent has also been one to take a blind eye what is going on, or not going on, in this relationship. The triplet in the middle is confidently looking straight ahead with eyes wide open, and asking telling them to do the same.

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