Thursday, October 27, 2011

Z'otz on Oak St.

I was wondering about Uptown today driving down Carrolton Ave when I remembered a favorite old haunt. I am so happy to see that Katrina did not destroy it. It's called Z'otz and it is the coolest internet cafe' on one of the coolest streets in New Orleans. And you know that's saying a lot given this is one of the coolest cities on the planet. The bathroom used to have the coolest Blessed Mother theme but it's seems that they had to re-paint and it's not quite like it used to be. The decor is so eclectic/rustic/goth/cool-as-shit. And being a coffee shop it reminds me of the Ace of Cups from Sweet Twilight. Coming here today I ran into some of the coolest people, two of whom I oddly enough met last week at my newly met cousin's pumpkin carving party (another post I need to do). Another two I met today. Both burlesque performers, one a fire performer. See, toldja this place was cool as shit! So I experienced the re-newed emotional warmth of this city and this particular place.

*the bathroom

Oak St. is a place with all kinds of cool ass stuff. Artists that are amazing, a super cool comic book store, great thrift stores like Buffalo Exchange. And the musical history of this street is unreal. This is where true New Orleans funk, R&B, and jazz can be found. So if you are ever in town and are wondering where the locals hang, Oak St. is one of the places you need to hit. And Z'otz is the perfect place for a pit stop for coffee, herbal teas and a variety of pastries and sandwiches. Or you can set up shop and spend all damn day here like I just did lol. And if you forget to bring your laptop, not to worry, they have about 4 desktops in the front room. Or you can go the one of the back rooms and pick one of the books or board games of the shelf. It's the coolest, coziest place to just chill. And the folks who work here are very nice.

*one of the really cool tables that are decorated with cool pix and Mod-Podge. And the beautiful antique vanity/prep station.

*You can buy the coffee in a bag, either ground or bean version. Just be advised that they are a $ only establishment and the bagged coffee is a bit more than you may expect. (Ask me how I know...) So if you are on a budget, ask about the price first lol.

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