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Beltane 2012 ~ Stoking the Fires of Passion Part II

There are several Gods and Goddess associated with Beltane. Mine is Freyja. She kicks some serious serious ass.

Here is a list of others you may want to research:
• Cupid
• Orion
• Odin
• Pan
• Dionysis
• Frey
• The Green Man


• Erzulie
• Freyja
• Flora
• Aphrodite
• Xchotiquetzal
• Diana
• Sheila-na-Gig
• Chuang-Mu

I dedicated myself to the Norse goddess  Freyja in 2002. I wanted a goddess who encompassed a wide spectrum of qualities I wanted to cultivate and she totally fit the bill. I decided to rededicate myself to her and what better day than Beltane. She is goddess of love, beauty, sex, sensuality, passion, magick, divination, and as leader of the Valkyries, war. Animals sacred to Her are cats, falcons, wild boar, and swans. Other things include amber, primrose, strawberry, marigolds, primrose, both the sun and moon, Friday (Freyja's day), and the number 13. So Friday the 13th is a lucky day for those of us who follow Her. 

Here is my reading for myself. I used the Gill Tarot.
*Due to the mature subject matter and sexual content, viewer discretion is advised*

1. How can I best utilize my creativity? - Princess of Swords - Free your mind, your ass'll follow. Every creation begins with an initial thought. I have been learning to be more mindful of my thoughts. What you think about you create. That is what manifestation is. That's what magick is. This princess has very single-minded focus. Look at how cloudy the sky is all around her, But above her is a clear and brightly carved out path. I need to have very clear intentions and crystal vision. hmm... I just saw the Crystal Visions Tarot in my mind's eye and I happen to be listening to Stevie Nicks right now. I will make that my next deck I purchase. It will somehow help me to tap into my creativity. The fact that she a page shows I am still in the learning phase. Her blue gown represents the throat chakra, telling me to continue to speak my own truth, To be very clear in my communication.
Another thing is how important music is to my healing process, dare I say vital.
I just got this card when I did the post about Tex. He reminds me of the cat who starred in the movie Thor. And here we see a royal of the Air court who is controlling the weather and using a sword like he uses his hammer Mjolnir. I have never been more upfront and clear in my communication than I have with him. I will continue to do so.
I also knowI need to apply with more airlines. Like this is a student of the realm of Air.

2. What do I need to do to stoke the fires of passion in my life? - High Priestess II - This card was also in that post. And I have shuffled and used the deck several times since then. I need to see myself as a Queen, as a vibrant, young(ish), healthy woman who has extreme depth to her personality. And who has sex! Oye vey, it's been a VERY long time! What am I saving it for, marriage LMAO! A lot of people associate this card with the Blessed Mother, the pure virgin. I always associate it with an alluring seductress, like Angelina Jolie! Though I adore and honor Mary, I wanna be Ang! I'm jus sayin'.
I also need to enjoy my solitude and get re-acquainted with mySelf. I used this card in a meditation on Persephone back in 2004 and I just thought of that. I may need to revisit with Her.

3. How can I ensure that I have a healthy sexual belief system? -  Death XIII Rx - Alright, this is bananas. When I do a reading, I pick up each card one at a time and randomly slide it into the deck in various spots so the same cards are not stacked together. This is the 3rd card from the reading about Thor, wth?! Anywho, I need to resurrect my sex life! I ain't a virgin and I ain't dead, so why the hell am I acting like it! I do know why y'all. Since 2004, I have had about 8 or 9 Tower events back to back. No pun intended, 2 events were with regard to damaging 9 disks in my spine. Others included my father dying and hurricane Kartina to name a few. So getting laid simply was not a top priority, ya know. Getting out of bed, physical therapy for several years, dealing with FEMA, battling a horrible depression, those were the kinds of things that were at the forefront of my mind. Ya know, things like, a place to live, no job, no money, supporting someone in Iraq, my hair falling out of my head. Those kinds of things. I turned off many aspects of mySelf, starting with the sensuous being I used to be. I've never been one to cat around, but in a committed relationship I am, amorous! *evil grin* I owned one pair of flat shoes that I only wore when working international flights until I fell. Nothing less that 3" heels. I did my make-up most of the time, beautiful shades  of eyeshadow and my nails were ALWAYS done. Do you hear me? AL WAYS!! Since I was 19 years old! Now I live in workout gear, Nikes, and I have ugly, crappy nails. (that really pains my very soul you guys, for real). Well Freyja is telling me with this card that it is time for rebirth of Krysten, or as they nick-named me in flight attendant training, Diva! This card often times means there will be a 3 month period of metamorphosis. So that puts me at August, Lammas. Or possibly Halloween/Samhain.
This card is ruled by Pluto, which deals with crisis management and sexual deviance. I need to resurrect my inner dirty girl lol. Yay!!!

4. How can I shed light on the pleasures life has to give? - Strength VIII Rx - Believe in myself, plain and simple. Face my fears and be the Cowardly Lion after he realized he had heart all along. Embrace my inner Domme. Like She-Ra from Saturday morning cartoons lol.  I just realized how much she resembles Freyja.

5. How can I strengthen my union with my partner? - 5 of pentacles Rx - Well, my potential partner, whoever he may be. Stop seeing my short comings. That bright red calls to mind my blown out root chakra. My chiropractor even said that sex would alleviate my back pain to a large extent. See, it's therapeutic lmao! And don't get caught up and start trippin' on the fact that he most likely makes a very decent amount of money and my ass is poor as a church mouse. See myself as worthy of a great guy, and make sure he is worthy of the valuable things I have to offer. Don't create problems where there are none Krysten. And learn better money management skills.

6. What magnificent creation in my life am I not aware of? - 9 of wands - Oooh I like this card in this position! 9's mean it's just about or it is over. The 9ofW says, hang in there baby, you're in the home stretch! It has been a long, hard road out of Hell, but be on guard for the beginning of the end. The word "preparation" is written on it, with the candles lighting the way like torches in the night. Keep your head high and don't give up. Pace myself and know I am surrounded by more protective forces than I even know.

7. How can I exhibit more Self love? -  Princess of Cups - this is such a beautiful PofC. I hear the line from finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming!" She is a mermaid, and she will not change just to try to please someone else. True self love and self acceptance are a bit new to me, but I am getting the hang of it. Continue to be patient and kind with mySelf. Watch what I say about myself, speak positively about me. Remain open to the love of the Goddess. And use my intuitive gifts to guide mySelf to peaceful and emotionally safe and health situations. The more of love and compassion I show myself the more I will attract from others.
               "For the honor of Grey Skull! I have the power!"

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