Friday, April 20, 2012

Head-turner In Houston

I've been away from my blog for so long now. Lots going on. At first it was lots that was not too good, but now it is lots that is actually pretty good. That whole Mars Rx thing was a hum-dinger! Who knew it was such a powerful transit? And I think it being in Virgo made it even more challenging, yet also quite beneficial. Ever since it went direct, things have been moving in a much more positive direction with some umph. There are a few posts I'd like to make, but I'll start with this post. It  is with regard to a possible new relationship with a very hot guy I met while flying through Texas. I'll give more info later, right now I just want to do this so I can make a dang post! (And cause I really really want to know what the cards have to say about it all! tee-hee! It's been a long time since I had a man turn my head! And this one dang sure did! I'm pretty sure I did the same to him!)

I've chosen to use my Gill Tarot. It was the second deck I ever owned. (Don't you agree that U.S. Games makes the hands-down best cards with regard to quality!) You all know love my dark and goth decks! But I think maybe it is the whole Spring thing that has me wanting the brightness of this deck and its simplicity at the moment. I am choosing to only pull one card at a time instead of laying them all out first and then doing the reading.

                                                        *click photo to enlarge*

Where he is right now? - The Lovers VI - Ok, if I told you I didn't just do the girl squeal and I'm not sitting here looking  like the Cheshire Cat, I'd be a damn lie! The  Lovers for me blends the head with the heart. It is about romantic love, but just as much about choice. He has made the choice to be open to love, make a real connection with someone. His energy in person reads to me like that of a person who has been through some serious shit and came out on the other side better for it. A man who is very comfortable in his own skin. And a might fine skin it is LOL! And this card says that he is a point where he has chosen to have a serious commitment.

What is influencing that? - The Chariot VII - He has either tried to harness his emotions in the past or let them run out of control and not gotten a good result. He is an air sign, so he has most likely had a hard time balancing emotions and logic, as was shown in the previous card. This card also tends to represent travel. And being in the airline industry, I'm betting he is wanting the Cancerian traits of this card in his life. The safety and security of a nurturing home life after traveling so much. I also think this shows that we both felt some serious sparks and are really trying to pace and not get ahead of ourselves.

What does he want in a mate?  - Death XIII - Uhh.. ok. Let me think on this for a few min... Ok, I first notice the scythe the angel of Death is holding. He wants a woman who cuts through the bullshit and tells it like it is. (Wait until I have time to tell you guys the story of how we met lmao) Next I notice the crown. He needs a woman who knows what she wants and who recognizes her own majesty, knows her own worth and commands respect. Now I am thinking of how the Death card is ruled by Scorpio. He wants depth, passion, wisdom, sensuality, loyalty and trust. A woman who is sexually adventurous. Trust is a very sensitive issue for him I'd say. I just heard in my head " till death do us part" Does he want a wife??

What does his gut tell him about me? - Ace of Wands - That it is time for him to make a bold new start and I am a very passionate woman who will inspire him to take chances and have fun, and he seems like he loves to have fun.  Especially following the Death card, that I will offer him a whole new way of living, a fresh start. That I am bright, enthusiastic, passionate woman who he is now ready for.

What action will he take? - 10 of cups - This cat is really wanting to create something serious, dare I say, even to be married?? And holy crap, out of these 5 cards, 3 are majors and one is an Ace! There is major karma or a much higher prupose at work with all of this.

Where am I right now? - 6 of cups - On this deck, we see the word "satisfaction". It is a bright card and the colors make me think of the solar plexus and heart chakras. I notice how the chalice on the top of the wheel is replenished from what is pouring out of the one at the bottom. I really am in  a much better place emotionally and I would really like to have the give and take of a loving relationship. And the emotional satisfaction that I have been cultivating from within is what is attracting healthy emotional situations.

What is influencing that? - Princess of Swords - I really like this version of the card. And yes, these days my mind is much clearer and focused. I do feel more in control of my thoughts and am learning to be better at speaking my own truth. The fact that she is the Princess/Page shows that I am still in the earlier stages of this and still have more growth to do. This version of the card also calls to mind the spell I did back in Oct to find a compatible mate.

What do I want in a mate? - The High Priestess II - My favorite of all tarot cards. I do want someone who is deeply spiritual and has done a lot of self-reflection and thus has a lot of wisdom and respects the wisdom I have. Who is very comfortable with who they are, a profound sense of depth to their character. Who has an air about them that just draws me to them, like the tide to the moon, and them to me. Yet understands the importance of quiet solitude and soul searching.

What does my gut tell me about him? - King of Swords- LOL! And yes, he is an air sign! An Aquarius no less! (If you've read my  blog for a while, you will know the irony of that. Well get a load of this: he has the same birthday as my previous KofSw!! wth) My gut tells me he is so strong, yet can be fragile at times. He is most likely a work-o-holic. Goddess, please don't let him be a total Aquarius know-it-all! He is probably very outspoken. He may be prone to insomnia. He needs change, excitement, and he has a very strong personality. He has a very strong humanitarian side and is drawn to things that are unconventional. If nothing eles, I have most likely made a friend for life. And I do have Venus in Aquarius, which is why the weirder they are, the better I like 'em! He doesn't strike me as "weird" but we are defintely opposites in some respects. Which is always right up my alley. And the KofSw aka King of Air goes along with him being airline.

What action will I take?  - Wheel of Fortune X - Lol, yep, that's how I'm feelin'. Let's spin the wheel and see what happens, but I'm feelin' pretty lucky. 10's mean it's time to start again and go into the next phase. His last card was a 10 and so is mine. The earth energy of it shows me being grounded and my need for something stable and secure in my life, but that I am willing to take a chance.

What does Spirit want me to know?  - The Fool 0 - For this i used the card at the bottom of the deck. Another major! This is a whole new phase of life for both of us. We are ready for a fresh start, a new adventure and we are both feeling very optimistic. We have both played the fool before, but now we are so much wiser for it. I have a feeling that we are both trying to not get over zealous and just walk right off the deep end, but we are so ready for this new adventure. This card often times means a house move, and with the 10 of cups and AofW, I really can see where this could be the case. Spirit is telling both of us to keep an open mind and an open heart and dare to go for it! I have to say I also find the 10ofC, AofW and The Fool to be a very interesting combination! I dare not even speak that yet though lol!


  1. Hi Krysten,

    Glad to see you back, and with such exciting news! Looking forward to reading more from you, about all that's been happening and how things progress.


  2. Chloe! So nice to hear from you! I'm beginning to wonder. Like Joss says in the song, "you have had my number for, two or three days or more". I haven't heard form Tex for about a week. I guess we'll see huh. Thanks so much for "stopping by" and for commenting. xox

  3. Well, Krysten, do you have his number? Cos I'm all about making our own happiness :)

  4. *lips pursed, trying really hard not to smile* Chloeeee LOL!! I've thought about that, and as I read your post, it feels right. The things is, I have always been the one to do the majority of the "work" in relationships, the one to put in the most effort. I REALLY want to change that dynamic. So I'm torn..... *sigh* It's so weird, but something in my gut says there is something....noteworthy, shall I say, with this guy... *cheesey, starry-eyed, girl grin lmao*

  5. Ok Chloe. I just did a super quick If I Do/If I Don't 2 card pull. Do- Queen of Wands- I'll be brave, allow optimism to win out. Worst case, I wasn't a wuss and took action. Who knows where it'll go. She is how I see myself when I'm being brave just going for what I want. (I still have to tell you about how I met him! LOL My inner QofW was DEFINITELY the one present that day!) If I Don't - Rx Queen of Pents- My Capricorn stubborn nature will keep me wondering what if. Things definitely won't go anywhere. We Caps are REAL good at cutting off our nose to spite our face while saying, "it's just the principle of the matter! Humph!" Lol. I'll keep you posted. Wish me luck...

  6. I did it Chloe lol. I text him today and it went quite well! I was very QofW! Thx so much for the encouragement. You are right, it's all about me creating my own happiness! :D xx


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