Thursday, May 3, 2012

Learning How to Fly

I did it!!! I made a post back in December about buying  a Groupon for flight lessons. Well last week on Friday April 27, 2012, I did it and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever done! What's even crazier is that an old friend that I haven't seen since before Kartrina is the owner of the business! What a wonderful surprise it was to see him after so long and know that he is doing well. (His wife? Not so thrilled lol! Grow up lady)

I am posting several pictures at the end. You know I always post the song/video at the end, but this video is just too damn funny to miss! It is so perfect for this post, and as a former flight attendant for 10 years, I have to tell you that though exaggerated, this is in many ways a very realistic take on the behavior of airline people! As for the beginning of the video and the very end, yes, that is very loosely based on an actual incident that occurred at American Airlines a few years back! (And yes, most pilots really are that damn corny!)

        So I am posing the question is  "What do want me to take away from this experience?" I'm doing my RockStar reading with the addition of a new member to the band.  I am using the same decks I used in the original reading, my Sweet Twilight Tarot and my Oracle of Shadows and Light that to tell me a message from Freyja.

Lead Singer - The Tower XVI - Ah, one of those rare treats where the Tower is actually good thing! Doing this was a mind blowing experience that I will never forget! And just like this girl, I was high above it all looking off into the horizon, far removed from anything negative. As she sits here with her teddy bear, it confirms what I already know, and that is that my daddy was right there with me! And I know he was beaming with pride and excitement for me!

Back-up #1- 2 of pentacles - The first thing I notice is how this chick is standing. She is feelin' herself! (that is American street slang for one having extreme confidence lol). I even have an actual photo where I am standing in this same pose! You can't tell her that she ain't tha shit! She sees herself as the woman she wants to be and therefore is. I love that red hat! Very I'm-attending -the-Royal-Wedding. It says I deserve the finer things that bring me joy so it's time to make sure I have them. And the water reminds me of us flying over part of the massive Lake Pontchartrain. I think this card reflects the going back and forth on whether or not to make this purchase given my finances. I did the cards and followed their advice. And don't you know I went to The Quarter the next day and made just what I needed! I am so glad I took the leap of faith and did this!

Back-up #2 - The Lovers VI - A number of things come to mind with this card. First and foremost, to always choose the things that I am most passionate about, that make my heart soar. Flying is divine experience for me that is thrilling beyond words. Even as a passenger or working the flight as a F/A. i freakin' love it! I love how this deck shows them floating above Earth in their own dimention of time and space. Another thing about this card is the connection between the couple on the card. It reminds me of my instructor Lance. There was no romantic connection at all, but the bond of friendship and compatibility was instantaneous! Like we had known each other forever and hung out together everyday. He was hilarious! He told me about a girl in high school who used to say, "I got Lance in my pants and I need to dance!" LMFAO   The same wrapped, dark humor and unorthodox behavior as me. Loved him! We both made note that anyone in any aviation is twisted and perverted lmao!
The other thing about this card is that it is ruled by Gemini, an air sign. My dad was a Gemini. *smile* I love and miss you Al.

Drummer (bottom line) - The Magican I - It is no surprise to me that there are three majors in this 4 card reading. And yet another one ruled by air, the planet Mercury no less, the winged god. The bottom line is to know that I have the power to manifest all the things present in this reading that will allow me to continue with my passion for flight. The fire and passion from the Tower will make me find a way to get the pentacles I need for future lessons. And know that I have what it takes to be a great pilot, so do not doubt myself!

Message from Freyja- Fairy of the Highlands #20 - There were times when I was afraid. I mean, the man turned the controls of a freakin' airplane to ME! WTF LMAO! And the fact that I have never been in an itty-bitty lil plane like that before. When you have to untie the aircraft so that it doesn't blow away when not in use and yell contact to make it go... come on. For real?! And that little flimsy door!  I have seen soda cans that were sturdier than this thing! I swear it was held together with duct tape and spit! And I love sitting by the window when I fly. I always request a window seat. I love looking down at the countryside or cityscapes as we zip past. BUT THE WINDOW HAS NEVER BEEN OPEN BEFORE! WTF MAN! lmao That was SO freaky! This little fairy reminds me that I was brave and should be proud of myself. And I have to do this again! I can't chicken out and think I can't do this, because I totally can! *note to Self*
Fuel? Check.....

 Dear Jesus, I am flying an airplane...(note, my hair is windblown. Know why? THE DAMN OPEN WINDOW IS WHY! LOL LOL)
 Lance, my flight instructor. He was the coolest cat ever!
 Yep, that'd have been taken out of that window that was cracked open!

 the very controls I sat before!

 She is feelin' herself here ain't she?! LOL
 In stead of telling him to say "cheese" I told him "Lance in your pants!" Sicko-whack-jobs! tee-hee

the following were taken in the simulator

 "Holy shit! I just flew a freakin' plane!"
I did it Dad!

 Amelia, goddess of flight, is enshrined in the hallway


  1. Hi Krysten,

    So glad you finally did this! Beyond cool ;D Looks so much fun, so, when's the next flight? *grin*

  2. Thx Chloe!! I thought about you when I made this post lol. Not sure when the next lesson is, but I can't wait for it!


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