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Beltane 2012 ~ Stoking the Fires of Passion Part I

Today in the Northern hemisphere we celebrate the sabbat Beltane. It is all about creation, energy, passion and fertility. These things are celebrated in the broad sense, but it is also about primal energies aka hot, passionate sex! It is also a very good time to connect with loved ones who are deceased, second only to Samhain. I have decided to do this as a two-part posting. Part I will be what the Universe wants you all to know in terms of celebrating and learning from this sabbat. Part II will be specific to me. But first is a list of some of the things used to represent Beltane:

Things associated with Beltane                                                  
• fire
• passion
• love
• fertility
• sex
• marriage
• union
• health and beauty
• primal energy
• divination
• pleasure
• connecting with those on the other side
• dancing
• water

 Symbols of Beltane
• oats
• fire
• honey
• a May pole
• Faeries
• flowers
• the colors red, white, yellow
• bees
• roses
• meat
• orange carnelian

I always wonder how it works to address the masses when do a reading. So I have said a prayer asking that whoever reads this post will get the message from it that is intended specifically for them. Again, this reading is NOT about me. It is for YOU. I am using my LoScarbo deck. No idea why it called to me after about 5 years.

*this post contains mature subject matter, adult content, and sexual situations. Viewer discretion is advised*

1. How can you best utilize my creative energy? -  Hanged Man Rx - Just Dance by Lady Gaga just popped in my head. Now I don't think it means go out and get blind drunk as she is in the song, (unless you really wanna and have money for a taxi home) but like she says, "Just dance, gonna be okay". You may have been in a bit of a rut or doing a lot of soul searching lately but the energy of the 3 of this cards says things are now ready to come together but you must get moving! Do things that encourage your soul to live out loud. Take up yoga. Pilate's, chi-gong, ballet classes. Anything that gets you outta the house and moving! The snake brings to mind kundalini yoga in particular. Here is what seems to be a very interesting website I just asked the Universe to direct me to for you. And what the hell.... maybe you should go out and tie one one with your friends or beloved! The bottom line is movement of the physical body will activate the creative, spiritual body. A body at rest tends to stay at rest (ask me how I know lmao) a body in motion tends to stay in motion. Get up off your arse and go shake it! Shake like a Polaroid picture!! You know what to do!

2. What do you need to do to stoke the fires of passion in your life? -  King of Pentacles -  This is the king of Earth. He is a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. Earth signs are ALL about having their earthly needs met! Think I'm joking? Withhold food or sex from a Capricorn or Taurus! Lemme know how that works out for ya! Food, drink, sex, life's creature comforts make this king feel grounded and secure. Are you secure with these things? I see the huge orange sun behind him. Get out of the house! It has been a really weird winter here in the US, especially up north. I know many people are so sick of winter and being cold they are about to go nuts! If you are in the Southern hemisphere then it's about to start getting cold and the days are getting shorter. So get outside, breath in fresh air, spend time in the sunshine. Even if you are unwell and cannot get out, find a window with some sunshine and sit in it. It will do wonders for your mood and help combat depression.
For many of us, money is an issue, but know that you are worthy of those creature comforts! Maybe it's a fabulous Micheal Kors hand bag. Maybe it is curling up with some brie, a glass of port and the latest copy of Allure or Red magazine. Maybe it's a .99¢ download of that song that makes you smile and sing out load every time you hear it. You can get a gorgeous shade of nail polish for $1.99. Wet-n-Wild makes some nice colors y'all. Whatever it may be, go out and get it for yourself!  A king never wonders, "hmm... should I do this for myself??" Uhh, no! A king KNOWS he deserves the things that act as fuel to keep him and inspired. Thus he has the energy and desire to share that enthusiasm with those around him. I also feel that going out in nature and journaling will help. Do you even remember or know what you are passionate about?? Also, you may want to meet with a financial planner so that you can set goals that may seem lofty or beyond your reach, but with lessons or how to budget, they may be more tangible than you think.

3. How can I ensure that I have a healthy sexual belief system? -  Empress Rx - Wow... I get the feeling that there are a lot of us who are need to address this given that she is Rx. I have a ton of messages coming at me all at once, so here we go:
You were not put on this earth for the exclusive purpose of breeding. If you want children, of course, have them! But do not make that your soul sense of identity! Do it for the right reasons? Have you ever even wondered what those may be? Were you taught that sex is for procreation and not pleasure? Does that ring true for you now? Does your mind tell you one thing but your body and spirit another? Or do you use sex as a weapon, to manipulate another's will? If you have children but are no longer with their other parent, do you use your child as a pawn to manipulate your ex? Do you need to do very difficult but necessary work to heal from the trauma of rape or sexual abuse/incest? Is your biological clock ticking and causing you to see sex as a job that must occur on a set schedule with no passion? Has a miscarriage changed your view of sex and you need to learn how to begin the healing process from that tragedy? Are you having safe sex or do you not think of the possible consequences of your actions and not use protection? Do you have good sex? What does that term mean for you? Can you and your partner or spouse speak openly about what that means? Have you read 50 Shades of Grey and are dying to try things you dare not speak of? Or is insanely hot, freaky, passionate, mind-bending sex keeping you in a relationship who's ending is long overdue? Do you know how to talk to your children about safe sex, or sex at all for that matter? Is there someone with whom they may come in contact that... you can't put your finger on what it is, but something about them just ain't right...? (LISTEN TO YOUR MAMMA RADAR!) Do you know how to ensure that they grow up having a sense of morality and common sense, but not a prudish, frigid disconnect from healthy sexual behavior? Are you homophobic? Why?  If your child were homosexual, transexual, transgendered, or heterosexual, how would you feel about that? Could they talk to you openly about that? If so, do they know that?? If not, do you want to think about that?

4.  How can I shed light on the pleasures life has to give? - 3 of cups Rx - Ok people, y'all really gotta get out the house and shake a leg! Go out! Have fun! I don't care if it is the club 'till 4 am and then the after-hours bar, or a girls night at home! Just for God's sake, let loose people! I just realized this is the 3rd 3 (Hanged Man, Empress now 3ofC). As I think about that KofP, I feel like many of you are so set in your ways you aren't willing to change your routine to allow time for life's pleasures. Ok. Then schedule it in your calender!   Ex. *Note: Wed@18:45 ~ have fun*
 Remember that episode of I Love Lucy were Lucy and Ethel were stomping the grapes? There is something or someone right at your feet that waiting for you to throw caution to the wind and allow yourself to have fun! Maybe go to one of those lingere' parties, or adult toy parties, huh, huh?! Or have a big girl slumber party. Everyone make a dish and bring a bottle of wine, Coke or juice for those who don't drink, and stream movies on Netflix. The Wtiches of Eastwick, The Help, Bridges of Madison County. Or The Hangover. Or Thor  or Takers for some yummy girl eye-candy. Or The Secretary if you're groovin' on 50 Shades of Grey lmfao (and no, I have not read it. I lived it! ahhhh... those were the days... *wistful smile* I need to make new days like those, but I digress..) The rule is bring food/drink, an over-night bag, and all car keys go into a bowl that is kept by your spouse (who needs to make his or her own plans to go out) or by a D.D.

5. How can I strengthen my union with my partner? - Rx 2 of pentacles - Again, I feel like finances are causing the waters of love to be turbulent and wash out the flames of  love and/or passion.  Do you have poverty conscious issues that mirror your partners? Does one bring in more money than the other? If so, are things fairly divied up? I mean if one makes $250K and the other makes $37K, how are things divided? Do you know what fair is in that scenario? Check out Suze Orman who will teach you the formula of what fair means. Or Dave Ramsey who is just as awesome. Most people think the number one reason for divorce is infidelity. It's not. Money is.
The other aspect I see with this card is are you making time for intimacy? Is everyone having their needs met? Sex is not just physical, it is far more mental, emotional, and spiritual. (again with the snake and kundalini energy)  Is there equal give and take? Are you getting back what you are putting in? Are you putting in what you are getting back?
Or do you have two sides? The one who is so nice and sweet to everyone else, but then you talk to your partner like they ain't shit. Lash out with a venomous tongue in a way you'd never speak to your friends or family. Or worse, a total stranger in line at the Winn-Dixie or Primark?.... I'm jus sayin'.

6. What magnificent creation in my life am I not aware of? - Rx Ace of Cups - Love. what's going on with you and love? Are you blocking it from coming into your life and if so, how? Why? Old hurts? Is your partner paying for crimes she/he never even committed? I see that Rx Empress. Do you have issues with your mother (or father) that need to be healed? You may be shocked by how profound an effect that can have on all of your other relationships? Or do you have abandonment issues that need to be healed? Do you not feel worthy of love for some reason? Are you too harsh with yourself, therefore you attract others who are not kind or compassionate? Is there a potential new relationship on the horizon but you are questioning if you are ready for it? I think you just may be if you could see your own beauty and what you have to offer. Not what someone else thinks you don't have, but what you do have to offer. Hey, wait a minute. Do you even know what that is? Why don't you think on that one. If you need a jumpstart, look at the qualities of those around you that make you love them. They are a reflection of you. Or are you not speaking to God/the Goddess right now? He/She loves you no matter what. Period! Spend time near water. I don't care if it is the Atlantic Ocean or your bathtub. Light a candle, spend time near water, ask for your angles or guides to bring healing and know that you are loved. Even if you don't love you, Spirit does. All day, everyday.

7. How can I exhibit more Self love? - 7 of pentacles Rx - Have more patience with yourself for Pete's sake! Stop looking so hard at what's "wrong" with you an start looking for what's "right" with you. Why are you more nurturing and patient with others than yo are with your Self? Take time, make time, to tend to your own needs first. This does not make you selfish!! It makes you smart! What happens when you give your all to everyone around you until you are too fragile to nurture yourself? Even if you are a parent, take some Me time. Check in with your Self and ask how can you take better care of You. Or let those around you know what they can do that will make your job easier. Like RuPaul says, "If you don't love you, how the hell can anybody else?!" Now sashay, away. LOL

I struggled on what song for this post. I think this one covers it!

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