Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A friend asked me to do a reading for her. She has the desire to start writing again and wants to know what the cards have to say about her perusing this as a career. I know she really likes the Sweet Twilight so I have chosen that deck for her reading.

What is your greatest strength as a writer? -  7 of pentacles -  Ok, how cow, the first thing I notice right off the bat is that all of the cards except one are pentacles! So I definitely see this having the very strong likelihood of being a viable career choice that will bring financial reward.
 I see this card saying that you have a gift  of strong character development. You know how to step aside and allow your characters to  tell you who they are, not just you create them. You can see the whole of the story in advance. It's like you are able to write so that there are details in chapter 1 that you remember, but have no idea what an integral part of the story they are until chapter 9, or book 2.
I see you writing stories where your readers will love all of your characters, not just the main character. Each of them will be very dynamic and have their own unique personality and style of self-expression. And when you put all of those unique personalities into one creative work, it will be like this card. A cast of crazy characters that form one cohesive unit. I see the one cat in the middle with the polka-dot hat, looking all sullen and so deep inside his own head. Is your main character very heavy and dark, a very unique individual in some way? And I see the girl with the guitar looking over at him sympathetically. Is there one person who really "sees" that character? The only one who is allowed inside? Or is this you and a particular person who is one of the special few who is allowed to knowing you on a very deep level?

How can you enhance that? - Rx Queen -  You need to nurture the gift you have for writing. The huge moon or pearl is behind her. So before you can do that, you have to truly see it how gifted you are. How much wisdom and life experience you have. Both from your own personal experience as well as your keen powers of observation. How you might be sitting somewhere silently, perhaps even unnoticed,yet you are taking in every detail. I also feel like your dreams will give you so much to assist in your writing. Find out what flower essence and crystals helps with dreams.
I also see this as saying that you need to create a designated time and space that is exclusively for your writing. This queen is earth of water. If you wish to manifest tangible results, you must nurture the process as well as the part of you who is the gifted writer. You will be tapping into some deep emotions and that part of you will need know she is in a safe environment to be so vulnerable and to work through the heavy emotions. The pearl says that the greatest irritations or sore spots are what will lead you to create a beautiful piece.

What weakness do you need to address if you wish to pursue this as a career? - Knight of Pentacles - I heard "being out of your element". He is the Knt of P, but he is flying, over water. He is not grounded. Is he not comfortable with who he is? Or is it where he is? Does this come back to not having the proper environment to nurture your creativity? And he is looking back behind him. You need to move past the fear or previous criticism. You can rebuild after the emotional wipe out you experienced.
I also feel like this is reiterating that need for a secluded, safe place to navigate through your emotions that may be turbulent and run quite deep.
Another thing I feel this card is saying is that you have to find a way to not be discouraged if this takes longer than you'd like. Enjoy the process in and of itself, not just the vision of a specific outcome.

How can you turn that weakness into a strength? - The Wheel of Fortune - The first thing I heard is "take that leap of faith". I feel like this is saying you need to do healing work with your root chakra. Heal money issues/poverty consciousness and feeling safe in the world. That no matter what happens the Universe will support you. And with this card and so many positive ones around it, Lady Luck is on your side. You may want to look into what stones or crystals you can work with to balance all of your charkas.  The Knt of P has to do with the root chakra, so for that one, ruby, garnet, obsidian, and hematite come to mind.

What is the first step to making your dream a reality? - 9 of swords - Spending time alone to clear your head. Healthy self-analysis is a benefit of charkra work. Meditate. Again, the theme of what your dreams have to tell you. Do you want to write horror stories that scare the crap outta people like Wes Craven lol?Pray for your angels to make you aware of negative thoughts and doubts that will cut your connection to your creative side. I'm not if depression is an issue for you or not, but there is a lot of fear of the worst case scenario. You have to find a way to remove yourself from negative people or situations. I also see this as saying that you have to see yourself as being completely worthy of having your dreams become a beautiful reality. It's saying to me that you need to make a declarative statement to The Universe. State exactly what you want, don't ask.

Blessings to you my friend. I can't wait to see your name on my iPad or Kindle!


  1. Hi

    What does RX Queen mean?


  2. Rx is shorthand for the card being reversed. You wil often see it in various books or posts. I don't usually show the cards pictured reversed so that the card can be seen clearly.

    Your welcome James, thanks for stopping by


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