Saturday, April 28, 2012

Walking In the Spiderwebs

On the sidebar of my blog, I have the little widget that let's me know from what part of the world you lovely folks have checked in. I will be totally honest in telling you that it thrills me to pieces to see all of the many countries that have! As a former flight attendant, in a weird way, it kinda makes me feel like I am still one. And that makes me very happy. I often wonder who is who. Like will I ever meet the person in Australia at a tarot convention when I finally make it there? Who is the person in Russia, or Ghana? Or any of the multitude of places that have come to visit me. I suppose that is the beauty of anonymity though. I'd like to first say that I appreciate all of you. I see you as house guests and I want to be an appreciative hostess, so please make yourselves at home, stay as long as you'd like. Forgive me when I am absent for extended periods of time. I hope you enjoy it here in my little corner of cyber space and I truly hope you find comfort, healing, and amusement.

Ok, now to the business at hand. I have an Apple laptop. I most often use Safari as my search engine. Apple has this very cool feature where you see your top 12 sites visited. Makes it super easy to go right to where you want to go. Every time I open Safari, my blog is one of the windows shown. For some reason beyond me, the traffic feed thingy calculates each and every single time I go online. Not on my blog. Online period! So I look like some a creepy stalker of my own page LOL! I should not really care if anyone thinks I am a weirdo with regard to this. I mean really, who the hell cares? But I do. So that is why you see (if you even notice or care...) when I have checked in like 25 times in a row. Because if I even close my laptop and then open it again, guess what. It shows that.

So I was trying to think of what cards would show if someone had a real stalker in an actual reading. I think The Devil XV and the 5 of swords kinda capture it. The addictive behavior and manipulation, unhealthy domination,  imposed will or abuse. The cruelty and cruelty of the 5ofSw. And The Devil looks like a totally creepy, predatory wack-job lurker in the bushes in the Faulkner Tarot lol! What cards do you think would let you know you need to warn a client that he or she may have a psycho who is following them?
just had to add two videos. There are a lot of songs about stalkers lol!

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