Thursday, April 26, 2012

If I Was My Vampyre

The Tarot of Vampyres is one of my most beloved decks. The images are hauntingly beautiful, so filled with depth and meaning. I absolutely love how it has the perfect blend of darkness and light. Lots of onyx-tinted hues of greens and greys to enhance the rich crimson, emerald and blue-violette. The artist Ian Daniels captures so much emotion and passion in the expressions of their faces and you can all but feel the smoothness of the satin and lushness of the velvet of their gowns and feel the mist that blows past. I.  Love.  This.  Deck.
I've been wanting to do a very cool reading that Chloe of Inner Whispers created and Lisa of Tarotize did as well that depicts My Life As a Vampyre.
                                                                 *click photo to enlarge*

1. What would I be like? - 6 of Grails - I first notice that this card is the Sun in Scorpio. I would be an extremely  passionate creature who would reminisce about certain aspects of my humanity, primarily my loved ones who I would have to leave behind, wouldn't understand or accept my choice,  or I'd have to watch age and die and move on to a different realm from me.  Yet I would still completely embrace and accept my new existence. I would be able to release so many fears that keep my paralyzed and constrict the freedom my soul longed for as a human. I would learn to use my fears as tools to enhance my existence. I notice how this vampyre looks like a younger girl and she is looking at the Empress next to her. I think I would be a mother. Little goth vampyre wee ones LOL.

2. What aspect of my human existence would be magnified? - The Lovers VI - I think I would be more at ease with the choices I made, especially given the insight from the last card. My husband and I would have chose to go through the transformation together.

3. What would I struggle with/fear the most? - 5 of Knives - In reality, my Venus is in Aquarius, which is the astrological association of this card. I would be afraid I would be too trusting of other creatures of the night. And that I would have be in conflict with other vampyers who would expect me to have no regard for any human life. Others would feed at any cost. I couldn't harm innocents. I'd be more of a Dexter type of vampyre. Hunt evil warlords in the Congo.

4. What would I strive to accomplish? What would motivate me the most? - 10 of Knives - I would strive to "live" my new "life" to the fullest, and to make damn sure some psycho, right-wing holy-roller didn't stake me! I 'd be motivated by the ending of a life where sickness, disease, physical pain (back pain) are a given. I'd be motivated by the far greater possibility of immortality.

5. What would I excel at or embrace? - The Empress III - A nod to card #1. I'd embrace being a mother. And excel at nurturing and being supportive of the newly created vampyers.

6. What aspect of my humanity would I most try to cling to? - The Devil XV -  Ok this card was about to really trip me up at first, but now I totally get it! It all goes back to card #1, the 6 of Grails. All of my earthly desires that are not wise choices as a human being but not harmful if not completely acceptable as a vampyre. All of the things that as a human I only wish I could/would do. I'd drink coffee with extra sugar and heavy cream all day long. Eat a pound of bacon a day, hot-cross buns, crepes with Nutella, Popeye's fried chicken, beignets, red velvet cake, Ritter Sport chocolate with hazelnuts and Australian shiraz, and extra butter on everything! And drink Absinthe even though I hate licorice. I'd dress in leather, latex, satin and velvet in 6" heels/boots and wear elegant but heavy goth make-up and cyber-locks. While at the ballet.  I'd drive a Dodge Challenger at its max speed as well as a Harley. I'd skydive, snow board, horse back ride, roller blade, ride roller coasters,   and pole dance because my back would be healed. I'd deep-sea dive off the Great Barrier reef with the sharks. At night. I'd ski down double diamonds in The Alps, go out deep on they bayou in the dark of night. I'd train hop with the drifters and learn all of Betty White's dirty jokes. I'd do any and every dangerous, hedonistic thing I could think of at least once. Twice if I really liked it! tee-hee-hee!  Ohhh... if only I were a Vampyre  *deliciously evil grin*   V""V


  1. Hi Krysten,

    LOVED your take on this spread (though I didn't create it, just borrowed it from someone on Aeclectic, via the TABI forums). I felt quite sentimental about your 6 of Grails description, and laughed out loud at your passion for the Devil :D

  2. LOL thx Chloe, I'm so glad you did! :D It was a lot of fun to do!


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