Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

I spent my first New Year in New Orleans tonight. How I've never been here for NYE is beyond me! The Quarter was bananas LOL! Met some really nice people, one lady in particular who's husband is deceased and is keeping her house from being sold. And then there was my crazy, hilarious family from Mississippi who cracked me up! I just fell in love with them! Since it took 2 HOURS OF DRIVING AROUND to find a place to park, I didn't make much money though. But when I pulled in the driveway tonight and got out of the Green Goblin, I saw 2 shooting stars!! What a most auspicious sign to have gotten within the first 3 hours of a brand new year! So here is to all of us increasing our faith and hope. Having our angels look out for us. And keeping a watchful eye for the bright possibilities that await us and to us creating new ones as well. HAPPY 2012!!!

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