Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reading For the Year 2012

I am doing a spread that my friend Lisa of Tarotize created. It is called the 6 Card New Year's Eve spread. Well I have been battling bronchitis since Christmas Eve, so I am just doing it now. The first thing needed is to figure out your personal tarot card for the year for 2012. Mine is The Lovers VI. She advises that you use that card from one deck and then do the reading with another. That way you can see if that same card comes up again in the reading. (How crazy would that be??) She also says you will get much more out of the reading if you know the planet, astrological sign, and element that correspond with your card. For The Lovers it is the planet Mercury, sign  Gemini, and the element of Air. She says that any cards that have those energies will be emphasized.

Place your Year Card just off to the right so that you can remember that you are viewing this reading through the eyes of that card. I have chosen to use The Lovers from my Tarot of Vampyres. It is absolutely gorgeous.
Lay the cards out to represent a pentagram, as if drawing a star. So bottom left is earth. At the top as if to be the point of the star is spirit. Horizontally across from the first card, (earth) and off to the right of the center card (spirit) is the 3rd card you lay, it represents fire. (think bottom point of the star you are drawing). Diagonally across and between card 1 and card 2 place the 4th card for air. Horizontally across from it place the 5th card for water. (Again, imagine you are drawing a star. If you need a visual, Lisa has one on her post you can see). The final card is placed dead center. She advises using an oracle card to show what your role is in the greater scheme of things. I will use my Shadows & Light Oracle.

1. Earth - Financial and physical outlook for 2012.
2. Spirit - You main spiritual lesson (She says you could also use an oracle card here as well. I will use both)
3. Fire - Shows your creativity, will power and ambition. Where to direct your passion.
4. Air - Problem solving in your head. What is your main communication and problem solving theme.
5. Water - Your main relationship theme and how to nurture your emotional Self.
6. Interface card - How you can best serve humanity.

The very first thing I notice is that all of the cards but are the same element as the elemental position. The earth position has an earth card, air is air, and water is of water. Interesting.

If I am to look at this reading through the eyes of The Lovers, then I am to look at things from the perspective of making choices that will lead me to what my heart truly longs for, what I know in my heart I am passionate about.

1. Earth - King of Pentacles - OMG are you serious!? Could you ask for a better card in this position? Material success and good health! Woo- freakin' hoo! This king looks very content and grounded. I think those are grapes up in the top corners of the card, but to me they look like wisteria, which grows prevalently in New Orleans and is one of the things I love most about springtime here. The money to be made from me reading cards in The Quarter will be pretty slim until springtime or at least late winter when Mardi Gras rolls around, but boy will it roll in then! I also notice an egg at the side of the BunnyRabbit king reminding me to put savings in a nest egg. Earth is the slower of the elements. I need to remember to be patient and persevere, not to give up because this wealth may be slow at first and this reading is the themes for the whole year. So do not get discouraged. (I tend to ya know)

2. Spirit - Nautilus Princess #41 and 2 of swords - My main spiritual lesson is one of powerful personal growth. This card is about entering a transition from Princess to Queen and thus having to make better choices aka time to grow the hell up! I see the nautilus shell as saying that I need to come out from my comfort one if I am to grow and the pearls in her hair showing that I have the wisdom necessary. The companion book says, "A time of spiritual and emotional transformation that could come via a new job, relationship, or life transition, like becoming a parent." ..... OH MY! "It is time to take your self and your potential seriously." The tarot card I pulled is the 2ofSw.This version of the card says I need to not cut of my nose to spite my face (a very Capricorn thing to do lol). Also, just because my earthly eyes cannot see all the answers, I have to learn to truly trust the vision of my third eye, my intuition. Again the theme of making choices based on what will make my heart content.

3. Fire - 8 of coins - Choose to follow my follow my passions, start by learning as much as I can about the things I am passionate about. It looks like she is a witch out in the bayou creating magick in her cauldron. This is telling me to get more involved with my calling to get back on my path as a witch. Also to learn as much as I can in the areas I love. I need to go to RS12 is a very strong feeling I get now. I sure hope that KofP

4. Air - Justice XI - The element of air in the air position. I reminds me of that 2ofSw in Spirit and the main theme of the Year Card, The Lovers; choice, decisions made from a place of integrity and balancing the head with the heart. My fate is not set in stone, I have free will. So I need to really weigh my options in order to make better decisions and thus get better results. And to be fine with the decisions I make and stop stressing!

5. Water - The Chariot VII - Again with this theme of choice. I need to be decisive and focus on what I want NOT what I do not want. Don't get overly emotional because that takes my focus from reaching my goals. Oh yeah, SET SPECIFIC GOALS so I am not just floating aimlessly and at cross purposes with myself.

6. How can I best serve humanity - Fairy of the Highlands #20 - I really do not like conflict and generally try to avoid it. But this card says that there will be some and I must be brave and fight like I mean it when I have to and do not back down. Take back my power and cut ties with those who do not have my best interest at heart.

This was a very cool reading and yielded a lot of good information. I think it would really serve me well to come aback to it periodically to do progress checks with myself.


  1. Nice choice of decks for this spread and loving the King of Pentacles there too! A lot of work focus with the 8 of Pentacles in the Fire position as well as The Chariot in Water. I think you'll be firmly on your path by the end of the year.

    I can hear your Saturnian self speaking in this reading - hard on yourself much, fellow Cappy? :D

    I agree that the kind of networking RS would provide would be excellent. Would love to go myself but don't know if it'll be possible yet.

    Glad you gained some insights with this spread, Krysten! Brightest blessings for 2012!

  2. Thank you Lisa, and I so hope you are right! And it is so funny how others pick up how hard I am on myself, yet I don't lol. I feel like I;m not hard enough on myself, hence why things are not as I would like for them to be. But may that's just it: being hard on myself only sets me further back and is thus counter productive (??) It's so odd that as a Cap, I hate structure, yet I SO desperately need it?! Wth?

    I would love to be able to go this year, and I to meet you there! When is the big convention in the UK? I know there is a big one in Australia in Sept. How awesome would it be if I made it to that one HA!

    Again, thank you for this wonderful spread


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