Monday, January 9, 2012

My First Football Predictions

I really enjoyed the posts that Kiki made about her football predictions.  Tonight is a huge college ball game. I don't' really do college football, but in Louisiana, LSU football is not a game; it's a religion! So tonight's game is very serious business. No. 1 ranked LSU vs #2 ranked Alabama. So last night I did a couple of readings on football games, including tonight's. Whenever I do readings for more than one person or group, I always do the opposition or the visitor first. Here is what I got.

1. Alabama - 5 of swords - Just look at how the two birds are scowling and angry. It looks like Alabama will be very happy at the end of this game. They always say "Roll Tide!" Looks to me like the tide will roll right on out on them.
2. LSU - Strength VIII - LMAO I had to crack up when I saw this card and if you know anything about LSU you'll easily see why. First, their colors are purple and gold. Second, their mascot is the Tiger. I mean, really, need I say more??
3. Outcome - 10 of pentacles - Not really sure how to take this, other than maybe there will be a 10 point differnce in the score at the end of the game.

*Ok, I did this reading in the wee hours of the morning and right now the game is actually on. It is half time and things are not looking really pretty for LSU. We are down by a score of 9-0. Now, they say that LSU is know to be able to come back strong on the second half of a game. Let's hope so, cause right now it ain't looking real pretty. But I did read in the paper that one of the  most well know psychics in NOLA who is a reader at Bottom of the Cup Tea Room did a reading and he also predicted that LSU would be the winner. Let's hope we are both right.

Another reading I did was totally hind-sight. My Pittsburgh Steelers where in the playoffs and were playing the Denver Broncos last night. Everyone had picked them as the favorite to win. Long and unpleasant story made short, we lost in overtime. But I just wanted to see what the cards would say. Kind of testing my predictive abilities, wondering if the cards would show what I already knew to be the cold, hard truth.

Denver Broncos - 2 of cups - Happiness, joy and positive emotions. Yup. That is exactly what Denver is feeling because they damn sure won.
Pittsburgh Steelers - 4 of swords - This is exactly what we did! We were just lunchin', just not focused and not playing the aggressive, well-planned and well executed type of style that we are known for playing and over the years has earned us 6 SuperBowls, the most of any NFL team. We were like we were half asleep. Our game was sloppy. Denver just plain out and out won fair and square and played a much better game than we did and that is why they won.
Outcome - 4 of coins - Look how sad she looks. And this is how me, all Steeler fans, and the team looked. Despondent and worn out. It also makes me think of how many injured players we had that we had to "save" and not risk injury.

The other thing I notice about the 2 of cups is the fact that it is a water card and is about the close relationship between two people. Now here is where it gets ultra-freaky folks. Tim Tebow is the Denver Broncos' quarterback and is very public about his devout Christianity, his relationship with Christ.
Tebow's parents were missionaries. While in whatever country they were serving , his mother caught some horrific parasite. When she went to be treated she found out she was pregnant. The doctors advised her to abort the fetus. She and her husband prayed and asked God if He would give them a healthy child, they would raise this child to be a prophet in His name and to spread His word. There is a specific scripture that says, "For God soloved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeith in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life."  That  passage is John 3:16. In college he used to have "John 3:16" written under his eyes as opposed to the plain stripe of black face paint they wear to fight the glare. The game went into O/T.
 •The man threw for an a total of 316 yards. They are a team who runs the ball far more than passing it. They won. In O/T. With a pass. the yardage of that pass ended the game. It was the 316th yard.
• His average pass was 31.6 yards
•Our QB for the Steelers threw an interception in the 2nd quarter - IT WAS ON 3rd and 16
•The overnight rating is the average of households that watch a certain tv show. This game - 31.6%
 Click here to see the stats for yourself.
Ok, I don't care if you are Christian, Pagan, Buddhist, Atheist, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or belong to that cult that worshipped the Hale-Bop Comet! There is NO way you can say anything less than that is more than just coincidence. Actually, at least 4 coincidences! I don't think Denver will go on to the SuperBowl. I don't think that is what it is about. I think it is about exactly what it seems. That man made a promise to God and has kept it! I will not air dirty laundry about my team. But the card I drew was the 5 of swords, the card of winning at any cost and in such a way that is cruel and immoral. Given certain situations that occurred over the past couple of years that could be described as unscrupulous at best! I think it is also one hell of a "coincidence" that we lost to a man who carries himself as a fine, upstanding man. A man who is in one of the grittiest, most harsh, macho careers, yet proudly lets it be known without being overbearing that he is a follower of Christ. I'm just sayin'....

so I did one more reading. I asked "Who is going to the SuperBowl?"

Team A - New England Patriots - I so do not want them to win another SuperBowl. But their colors are Blue and silver with a touch of red. Before I shuffled I said that if a sword came up or a wintery scene, I would take it as the Patriots.
Team B - New Orleans Saints - As soon as I saw this card I thought of a parade, Mardi Gras.

*I just found out the score of tonight's game. I could not have been more wrong if I tried. Alabama beat the living tar out of us!!! 21-0 *sigh* I'm sad we lost, and I'm sad I was SO far off the mark. Going to have to make sure I don't let this rock my confidence....

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