Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mick Jagger Is the Devil

If  you frequent my blog you know that I often add a song/video at the end of a post. That is because I love music and often hear songs in my head when I am looking at the cards. Or when I am listening to music, I will often times see cards in my head that go with the lyrics. Yesterday as I was cleaning the bathroom I was listening to the Rolling Stones. The lyrics of first song on the playlist had a line that made me think, "Dang, he's the Knight of Wands and she is totally The Queen of Swords Rx" LOL" So with each song I associated the cards I thought fit. Since Mick Jagger is the King of Wands (Leo) I'm not surprised that a lot of wands cards came to mind. And The Devil XV came to mind a lot LOL! Both positive and negative. I have thought up Rx cards here, but have posted the pictures upright so you can see each card. If you do not do Rx, I'd say to still look for these combinations and see what your intuition and guides tell you. I don't often do Rx and it has really worked well for me either way when doing actual readings. Now many of the cards I chose can and are repeated themes in their songs so I didn't put the same one in every song I could have. And since The Stones have God only knows how many hundreds of songs, this is just a short list. The decks I chose had interpretations that seemed to fit best. I have added only a couple of videos. Here is what I came up with.

The first song that came on was "She's So Cold" - Rx Queen of Swords, Knight of Wands. "I'm so hot for her and she's so cold." "I'm the burning bush, I'm a steaming volcanoooo!" Mick really wanted this chick, but she was having NONE of it!! LOL Cold, hard rejection!

 Next up was "Sympathy For the Devil" - The Devil XV, King of Pentacles, Moon XVIII - This song makes me think of a bible verse that cracks me up, "There he goes to and fro , seeking that which he can destroy." It makes reference to the devil, and throughout the song, Mick talks about the various periods in history where tragic events have occurred and that the devil was there. I got the KofP because of the line "I'm a man of wealth and taste".  The Moon card because he says "...hope you guess my name. But what's troublin' you is the nature of my game."  Now I absolutely love the Moon card and most often see it in a very positive connotation, unless there are other cards around it that make me think otherwise.

This one was fun to try to come up with cards for. "Under My Thumb" - The Devil XV, 2 of cups Rx, 5 of swords, 5 of wands - I chose the 2ofC Rx because it is about a really messed up relationship and the whole vibe of the song is so win-at-any-cost, hence the 5ofSw. The 5ofW because there is so much ego and fighting. The Devil because it is based on intimidation, manipulation, and domination- not the good kind lol! tee-hee!

"Start Me Up" - The Devil XIV, 8 of wands, Ace of Wands, Knight of Wands, 6 of pentacles - Now here is where we can see why it is so important to not see cards as "good" or "bad". The Devil in a positive light is about earthly needs and desires. Letting go of puritanical notions that are repressive. Ace of Wands because he says "Start me up!"  and "I'm runnin' hot". He is clearly fired up and ready to go plus the wand being a phallic symbol. 8ofW because he is very clearly communicating the action he desires to take. Knight of Wands because we all know Knights take action and this knight  is all about heat, fire and passion. Now one could say that he's all fire that burns out quickly. All I will say with regard to that is this has NOT been my experience lmao. The 6ofP because it seems to be a.... reciprocal relationship. Refer to the line, "You make a grown man cry! You'd make a dead man cum!" LMAO

The newer stuff that The Stones put out does not appeal to a lot of their fans, but I really like a lot of it. This next song is so moving to me and makes my heart hurt when I hear him sing it. It comes from a place that is so raw and so real. "Almost Here You Sigh" - 5 of cups, Rx Ace of Cups, Rx 2 of cups, Rx 10 of cups, Rx 9 of cups, Rx Star XVII, Rx Queen of Swords, 3 of swords, 9 of swords - The  5ofC because there is so much regret and sorrow, 3ofSw because you can feel how much his heart is breaking. Rx 10ofC because it just feels like he is missing a sense of "home". Rx QofSw because sighing makes me think of breath, air and she has "... that stone cold look in your eye."  Rx AofC and Rx 2ofC because it sounds as if they have tried to make it work, to reconcile and heal the relationship, but no matter how much he wishes with all his heart, Rx 9ofC, he has lost all hope, Rx Star and knows it is over. But he still asks, "Will I wake up in the morning and find out it's been a bad dream". Hence the 9ofSw.

Here is another one that just breaks my heart when I hear it. Keith Richards actually sings this one and even though one could easily argue that he sounds like a cat in heat who is drowning, I think it is a heart-wrenchingly beautiful song. Again, just raw, honest pain. "Thru and Thru" -  Rx Lovers VI, The Hanged Man XII, Rx Knight of Cups, 3 of Swords, Rx Page of Cups -  I chose the Lovers VI Rx because of the line, "And you know this love is constant, I'm your lover baby thru and thru". He is still so in love and he has no choice in the fact that it it is over. "Any minute, any hour, I'm waiting on a call from you" shows The Hanged Man and the Rx Pg of Cups. The 3ofSw shows his broken heart and his is hoping and trying so hard, but getting nowhere makes me think of the Knt of Cups.

The last song is "Get Off Of My Cloud" - Ace of Swords, 9 of cups - The man just wishes for nothing more that to be left the hell alone and for people to stop raining on his parade and trying to steal his joy lol! "Don't hang around because two is a crowd"

 I have only had the opportunity to see The Stones live once and it was on the Steel Wheels tour. If you ever get a chance to see them, even if you only like them a little bit, GO! They put on an amazing show that was over 3 HOURS! And Mick does not stop for that entire time! I always thought they were ok, but it was when I went to to see them live that I became a true fan. I'd love to hear what cards you guys would choose for these songs or any other Stones tunes so please do comment.


  1. Hi Krysten,

    Love how you did this, and your descriptions are just so full of life. I'll have to ponder a while before I can add any thoughts on cards and songs...

    Hope yesterday's readings went well,

  2. Oh thank you Chloe! It really was a lot of fun to do. Please do comment when anything springs to mind, I'd love to hear your thoughts. *smile*


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