Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SLS- September 22 - Revelation

I can't believe it's already the 22nd of the month. I really wanted to make a post every day. But I've not done that. So I decided to ask my White Rabbit Oracle where I am in the process of learning to cultivate more self-love even though I have not done the methodical, daily work that the Four Queens instructed and  I wanted to do? 
This card makes all the sense in the world to me. Though I haven't done the work for self-love September in the manner in which I wanted to do it, that in no way voids out the work that I have done none the less. The card shows a woman peacefully sitting in lush green grass,tucked away in an alcove with a canopy of white flowers of her head. She wears a garment that looks almost white, but is actually an ever so pale shade of soft pink as her hands are raised to remove an eye mask made of the same fabric. As the card title suggests, what revelation will be made apparent to her when she does? She has chosen to take time to withdraw both physically and mentally to uncover what her inner self wants to reveal to her conscious mind.
I too have taken time out to withdraw in healthy ways. I've been very disciplined about meditating every day. Even if it's only a three minute meditation. And in so doing The means by which to access more clarity calm and focus is definitely becoming more apparent.

Today I exhibited itself love by:
1. Of the past few days I've had to have a few come to Jesus meetings with myself. New Orleans my home. I'm very, very displeased at the fact that I have to be up here in Pittsburgh. But I've had to realize that the more I fight it The more I am wasting energy that could be better directed toward accomplishing the things I need to do so that I can leave Pittsburgh and go back home to New Orleans. So I finally decided to use a present that my cousin gave me but I wanted to wait until I got back to New Orleans to use. It's the most adorable little lamp! It's shaped like a freaking tube of lipstick with the silver case and it totally girly pink lip color! How perfect! And it gives my room the loveliest pink glow. I can feel my heart chakra balancing every time I turn it on. 

2. I didn't energizing morning yoga routine. I found a wonderful new yoga channel on YouTube by the most precious Yogi named Steffie. Her channel is called Tonic Yoga. She's got a fantastic Scottish brogue and a joyous and down-to-earth personality.

3. I made a pot of homemade chicken soup from scratch tonight. Though I chose to make it because my cousin is sick, it was very enjoyable and healing for me to express my creativity and love in this way. I called upon Archangel Raphael to infuse it with his healing energy. 

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