Friday, September 25, 2015

Mabon - Sept 23

This is the angelic Mabon spread that Lisa from created and posted on her blog and Facebook page. I've used The very lovely and carefully thought out Tarot. A lot of thought and care was put into the illustrations as well as the book that accompanies. More and more I'm really enjoying supporting independently published decks. 
Cards 1-3 were pulled from just using the major arcana and they're kind of past, present, future. 

1. The past 6 to 8 weeks - The Chariot - i've truly felt so divided. Having had to leave my home, both my apartment as well as the city of New Orleans that is my home, with only about 24 hours notice I am definitely feeling very split about that decision. My heart is still there however my ass is currently in Pittsburgh. One of the major themes of the past two months is learning to be present in the here and now. It's interesting that this card also has so much to do with travel and transportation. I went back home for a week at the end of June and will be going back for a couple of weeks around Halloween. Which is interesting considering the third card of the spread represents closer to that time. The Chariot has to do with the solar plexus chakra, and this is definitely a test of my will and personal power. 

2. Mabon(ish) - The Magician- what a most auspicious card! This is such an interesting version of the magician, clearly and nod to Darwin having the chimpanzee here. During this time I need to be very conscious of my thoughts, as thoughts become things. The figure is looking up, and this makes me think of the recent pull I've had to learning more about the angelic realm's and the course I'm currently taking the Lisa is offering. I'm not sure which archangel will be associated with this card, possibly Raphael? This also serves as a warning to me to be ultra conscious of not just my own personal thoughts but how I communicate them since Mercury rules this card and is currently driving everyone fucking crazy being retrograde! I've already had several episodes of bullshit as a result. I must be mindful and conscious of what I'm creating. As Abraham Hicks so often says, thoughts in and of themselves are manifestations. 

3. Future- The Hierophant- most often I tend to have less than positive take on this card. However it's speaking to me in a different manner right now. It's association with Tarus is speaking to me about working on a root chakra issues = being grounded creating a sense of stability and security which equates your safety, taking care of my physical body as well. The card is also showing that I will be in a time of not just learning but becoming a woman with strong leadership skills that is worthy of respect it's interesting that the Pope is on tour in the states right now, actually in Philadelphia tonight. I do like this pontiff! Perhaps reading the National Geographic I purchased in the airport on the way up here will give me a deeper understanding of not only who he is as a man and as a world leader, but how that relates to the message of discard in this position.

Raphael's share – how i can best harvest conflict resolution/Swords- two cards jumped out, 5 and 6. This  combo really seems to scream question do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? If I had to some of the five of swords in one word it would be "dick". Like, who's being a complete dick. This is really making me think of a very serious situation with one of my most trusted, loyal and beloved friends I adore. But she is behaving like a dick, and unfortunately those of us who care about her are starting to mirror that. I don't like that these two cards seem to indicate moving away from that because it's a no-win situation.
The other thing I get from this combination is that Rafael is reiterating the fact that I need to accept the fact that I have actually moved to Pittsburgh. Just getting those words out of my mouth just now was extremely difficult. HOW? I can reap this harvest by seeing  this as an opportunity to learn how to not be so resistant to change. This card also says that the angel course as well as the other courses I've been looking at taking will be a very good idea. This is such a beautiful version of this card! She looks almost like a burlesque dancer. Will be interesting to see how that plays in the future since the burlesque community is in New Orleans.

Michael's share – my harvest with creativity and career/Wands - Ace of W, what a wonderful card! I love that she has a fox on this card. So many possibilities for creative expansion and new opportunities that will encourage me! HOW? Dare to dream dammit! By boldly going after the things that speak to my heart and not thinking of them as unrealistic or fantasies! 

Gabrielle share – my harvest with intimate relationships and friendships/cups – 4 of cups says to me how important consistent meditation will be to keeping me emotionally balanced and not pulled in by the undertow of apathy and depression. And also acts as a warning to be mindful of friendships and relationships that activate this within me. Unfortunately this all echoes The cards that came up from Archangel Raphael's message. HOW? Wow, an air card in the quadrant that deals with emotions. I'm going to have to be what I would normally consider as being cold. I can't let negative emotions cloud my judgment. Meditation and yoga will assist me to having clarity and confidence so that I may exercise good judgment. Again I must be honest in saying that I do not like what my gut instincts and this King are telling me to do. 

Uriel's share - my harvest with regard to health and finances –9 of pentacles. Hot damn, with an excellent card! A true sense of accomplishment and confidence. It's about the ability to stand on your own as a person who is extremely comfortable in their own skin The hock makes me think of the Norse goddess Freya. Perhaps I need to connect with her again. HOW? QofP, my signifiers a Capricorn! I need to be patient with myself and give myself every ounce of credit that I so richly deserve!

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