Sunday, September 27, 2015

Blood Moon Eclipse

Tonight there will be a very special lunar occurrence. It will be a super moon that's also a blood moon and a lunar eclipse. The next one won't be until the year 2033! Christiane of Cosmic Faery Tarot created a really cool and very simple spread to be done for a lunar eclipse. You may want to go to her website and get her lunar terrible journal for the unbelievably Great price of only £5, which would roughly be about $7/8 US.

1. What is hidden and needs to be revealed – Daughter of Knives- move this card in this Tech is the traditional page, she always has felt like more knight energy. She's telling me I need to actively and explore more freethinking, to confidently trust my own intellect. Also to be more direct and to the point in my communication. Something told me to consult the guidebook and holy crap did he give me an amazing explanation from the artist. He says that the knife she's holding "was used in one final and deadly attack and that was to separate herself from self-criticism"! And I mean really, look at her. She is clearly a woman who could give two shits what anyone else thinks, that includes the voice of negative self talk in her own mind. 

2. Affect my feelings and emotions? – This will greatly improve my self-confidence. It will be so freeing and empowering. It will help me to trust my feelings and make me more open and receptive to receiving emotional guidance from within. 

3. How can I gain more clarity –
Temperance – for me this is the Archangel Raphael, so working with him to assist me to bring healing in order to gain the clarity through balance and not over indulging in the extremes of any kind, particularly have an emotional nature since this is a lunar spread.

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