Friday, December 13, 2013

I Ordered My 2014 Leonie Calendars! - Day 30

I ordered my calendars from Leonie tonight! If you don't know her, you need to, she's wonderful! Click here to learn more about her and both editions of her calendars. You may also want to look into her Goddess Cirlce. I am SO frickin' pissed I let my membership lapse! Ugh! Having the funds to rejoin will be one of the things at the top of my list.

The first thing I notice is that there are two 1's which is such a positive omen for something that is all about creating new opportunities and having a fresh start. I also see that out of four cards I have all four elements, suggesting things coming together and being well rounded and in synch. Then there are two Knights, which are the members of the court who go on quests, they man up and take action with regard to their respective suits. In this case action toward things that bring emotional fulfillment and security.


1. What will the Amazing Year Life Calender bring me? Rx Magician and Rx Knight of Cups - it will rekindle my courage to have confidence in manifesting the kind if life I can feel proud of and truly love. It will offer me opportunities to recognize and embrace a multitude of gifts that I either don't see or have lost faith in the ability to create. (Didn't I just get the Magican a few days ago? And didn't I feel like it was speaking about something wonderful in Jan?)

2. What will the Create Your Amazing Bussiness Calendar bring me? - Knight of Pentacles Rx and Ace of Wands -It will get my sorry ass un-stuck by lighting a fire under it. It will help me to be more patient with myself by learning to pace myself and create realistic goals so that I maintain my enthusiasm for the process as opposed to becoming bored and discouraged by getting caught up in the outcome. It will inspire me to keep working toward the things that speak to my soul and and how to create long term security from them. Those sunflowers are sacred to Oshun who is all about creativity, happiness and prosperity!

Now how exciting is this?! Thanks to Amazon Prime I should have these babies in my hot little hands in 2 days!


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