Sunday, December 8, 2013

Indigo, St. Germain, and the Violet Flame - Day 25

I decided to follow with the same theme as last night and use my Secret Language of Colour Oracle to ask what divine energy is around me today. Indigo fell out of the deck. If you can't tell by now, I have a very strong affinity for this color hee-hee. Earlier this week I had a very annoying and thankfully brief conversation with a very intoxicated person who kept asking me about St. Germain and I kept trying to tell said person I really didn't know much about him.Then earlier tonight I was strolling along on Facebook and saw the most gorgeous picture.

Then I was looking on YouTube for videos people have done about the Orishas and I trip over a really nice video meditation working with the violet flame which is associated with St. Germain. (I'll put the video below) In my mind I see a friend of mine (who is an amazing hands hands on healer!) so I text him and tell him I feel like he is supposed to connect with St. Germain. And then this is the card I pulled. Guess I need to do my homework on him.

But I did do the meditation that is advised in the booklet that comes with the cards. Close your eyes and put your palms over them. See an indigo light entering them and then picture something specific you want to happen in your life. Place it in an indigo bubble and send it to the universe. Ask the divine to manifest what you see in your mind's eye to a reality you can see and experience in the physical plane. I felt so at peace when I did this. Thank you St. Germain.


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