Monday, December 9, 2013

Focus, Accomplishment and Pride - Day 26

The Crystal Visions deck called of me tonight and the 3 of pentacles jumped out while shuffling. We see a couple in a clearing in the woods, each focused on working on their own projects but seeming to quietly enjoy each other's company. The man stirs what is inside of a huge cauldron and the woman monitors the progress of her garden and the three beautiful pentacles it has produced at various stages of development while w humming bird hovers overhead. (Did you know they can travel over 2,000 miles?!)

This card says a number of things to me. It says I need to acknowledge that though it may be slow moving, progress is being made. It reminds me that I have numerous resources available to me, the most precious being the those who love me dearly. It cautions me of the dangers of codependency, a monster of which I must always be mindful. It tells me to do what I must in order to be focused and organized so I can use my energy wisely as well as look back and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. And it also speaks of traveling great distances. All-in-all, yet another sign that things are coming together and will produce solid results.


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