Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lemons and Sunshine -Day 29

I asked what color I should focus on before I go to sleep then shuffled my Secrect Language of Colour cards and got yellow for the second time in a week. The first thing that came to mind was the house cleansing/blessing I did tonight and used fresh lemon in the water for the floor wash. Lemon is excellent for cleansing in both the physical and the spiritual plane. My dear friend Marjorie who was my trainer for a few years used to make meme drink hot lemon water every single morning due to its numerous health benefits. Can I tell you I hate lemons now lol. I guess this is a sign I need to start that again. I think Jophiel is trying to reach out to me again. I forgot to get the yellow candle for him. This also makes me think I need to soak up some sunshine. That is if it decides to ever shine again here in NOLA. It's been cloudy/foggy/rainy/overcast for weeks. Maybe I'll go to the market and get some yellow flowers tomorrow and let them bring some sunny vibes to me.


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