Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Janet Boyer Situation

Ok, so if you are in any way involved in the tarot community, then surely you are no stranger to the very public situation with regard to Janet Boyer and the extremely disturbing material she has written and  published. I had no idea that she had ever written or said anything ugly about anyone until last week. Now have I known of her for many years and assumed she was a very well respected name in tarot who has written a number of books. I guess she does a lot of reviews and prides herself on being known as a very tough reviewer. But I had never heard anything negative about her. Actually, I'd never really heard anyones opinion one way or the other about the woman until about a week and a half ago. I was on one of my favorite FB pages (I honestly don't remmeber which one right now) and a lady I'd never heard of named Abella asked a question with regard to getting people to either visit your blog or to make comments on it, or something like that. (As you can tell there is a bit of paraphrasing going on, but I will make it obvious if I am directly quoting anyone) The next thing I know Janet Boyer made some really fucked up comment to the effect of Abella being stupid and therefore no one would be interested in anything she had to say. My mouth fell open, and I thought to myself what a harsh way of joking she had. Surely she was not serious...? Long story short, it became quite clear that no, she was not joking and several people came to Abella's  defense, one of whom I'd love to meet one day. I think his name is Jordan. Mannn, he lit into her ass like a firecracker on the 4th of July!!! And he was very smart about it by putting out there certain facts that Janet Boyer could have used against him. (Smart cookie Jordan! Disarm the bully and they don't have any ammunition. I know I'd never want to get cussed out by you lol!) I responded how surprised I was that anyone would make such a hurtful and uncalled for comment, then just sat there with my mouth still hanging open catching flies. The shit was going down in that thread of comments!

Ok long story short, I then was made aware that as bad as this was, it was nothing in comparrison to other things she has said about various members of the tarot community, in particular Donnaleigh de LaRose of Divine Whispers and the Blogtalk radio show Beyond Worlds . Things that are ridiculous, insane, dare I say, evil and most probably illegal. And she made said these things public knowledge in a book she wrote!
Look, we all have had people we didn't like. Hell, maybe even hated.  But putting pen to paper to graphically express your visions of murdering someone, at a damn tarot convention (?!!), who is a real person and not a fictional character (maybe if she ahdn't used a variation of her victim's real name she could have possibly argued it was a work of fiction and not personal desires journaled and published)  and then going on to describe defecating on the body of said murdered individual while hanging her ass over the lady's grave is some not only fucked up, it is homicidal and I'd venture to say illegal.
I've done about 3 readings on this. I wanted to make sure that the Tarot was talking, not me projecting my own opinions, which I admit, are pretty strong. I intentionally used two different decks that are both considered "dark" so as to not show any bias. I even did each row based on alphatetical order of their names. Hell, I even used reversals (Rx) which I almost never do!
I used Ferol Humphrey's 5 Card Commentary spread.

Row A = Donnaleigh
1.  Short answer: Ace of Pentacles~  Well Donnaleigh, I'd have to say that my suspicions about the legality of this issue are correct and you will be having some financial compensation headed your way, not that any amount of money is worth all of this hell. It also shows how scary and huge of a beast this all is for you to have to slay.

2,3, and 4. Long answer: Queen of Wands Rx, The Tower XVI, The Magician I, 7 of swords Rx: Please don't let this turn your creative process upside down or drain you of your vibrant energy that is so bright and the reason so many people are so drawn to you. Hold on to what is sacred to you and know that you are leading the way for others in this situation. I do wonder with that Tower if there are more unpleasant surprises headed your way unfortunately. I suppose a nasty court case would explain that. And you clearly have been under fire by some very nasty blows. But you are an extremely intelligent woman who has everything you need to fight back, cut through all this shit and get your life back. And again I see money. And a lot of people as you know have rallied around you in support.

5. Advice: 7 of swords Rx~ My advice though is to please be cautious, which I think you know. The 7of Sw is often called the "sneaky bastard" card. There is something or someone I think who is not trustworthy or feeding Janet information.

Row B= Janet Boyer
1. Short answer: 10 of Scepters Rx

2,3, and 4 Long answer: Judgement XX, 3 of Grails, Ace of Grails Rx~ Janet I'd have to say that it is about to be judgement day for you lady and it looks like a fiery pit awaits. You dug your own grave. This card for me also means re-thinking ones career or a second chance at a career you always wanted. I'd say a new line of work may be the way to go since you have burned most of your tarot bridges. The 3ofC says to me tht jealousy and wanting to be the center of attention got you into a lot of this trouble, Being next to the Rx AofC I wonder if she have a drinking problem. At the very least it shows she does not know how to play nice with others.
5. Advice: 10 of Knives Rx~ Damn lady. Another 10 that is Rx. With swords being about communication and also conflict, this again shows me the death of your writing career. I also feel like she is going to play the innocent victim. And the Gemini glyph of the woman's necklace makes me think of severe bi-polar issues.

Though I am just making this post, I decided early on to take a stand and did so in several FB posts. And I am proud to say many others whom I like and respect did so as well, in particular Lisa of Tarotize and Hannah of Tarotmantica, and the lady who writes the really cool 78 Notes to name a few. As a Capricorn, bullying, injustice and cruelty are things I have always spoke out against. Even as a kid in grade school when other kids where picked on. I even went toe-to-toe with my Adv Foreign Policy teacher in high school for picking on another student. I can't stand a mean asshole. But you ain't seen a meany until you have encountered an unstable,  pissed off, vengeful, mean Scorpio who talks openly about killing somebody! (And I am actually speaking from personal experience with one of them. Dear Jesus you have no idea the level of crazy those people can reach) Oh hell no! So for these reasons, I am choosing to boycott Janet Boyer. I personally feel this bitch is crazy as a shit-house rat and want no parts of her.

But the good that I can say that has come out of this madness is getting to meet and know so very nice people. Unfortunately it happened because of all this.

*if you are not comfortable with harsh language, you may not want to watch Eminem's video that follows. But I think the lyrics couldn't be more perfect.*


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  2. I am so happy you had me connect with Jordan! omg he is such a trip, hilarous! But also such strong character as you pointed out. God I love Sagittarians! And yes, he loved the post as well. I have also learned something the hard way with this reading: CREATE A PROTECTIVE AND CLEANSING AREA OF LIGHT TO SURROUND ONESELF WHEN DOING READINGS!!! I put this in all caps so that if others read this comment they will realize how important it is and learn from my mistake! I'll p/m you about it, but let's just say I have really learned the value of protecting myself from psychic attack!


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