Wednesday, December 7, 2011

For Chloe It's Sixx A.M.

I have been in love with Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue for about 25+ years. But the more I learn about him, the more I love him. One of the many things that makes me hold him in such high regard is his passion for helping teenagers who are suffering,  run-aways in particular. In 2008 he founded a charity that works with Covenant House called Running Wild In the Night. They provide everything from legal services to drug treatment to transitional living services, as well as  a music program since that was his primary outlet as a troubled kid. Having been a run-away himself he is all about being an advocate for any child who is in trouble or suffering.

So when I was puttzing around on FB today I saw a post he made of a video a very special young lady made on YouTube for the song that his side project Sixx A.M. wrote titled " Skin". She touched his heart and many others in a very deep place. I could go on for days about the songs that Sixx A.M. creates and how deep and meaningful the lyrics are, (I may have to do anther post in him/them...) and this song is definitely no exception. I am still, (yes even after all of the media attention) completely shocked with this whole bulling situation in our society. Have there always been bullies, of course. But what is happening today is just beyond anything I can ever remember seeing.

For years he was the quintessential Knight of Wands; hot, sexy, wild ,crazy, animated, the life of the party and totally fearless dare-devil. Also for his amazing business skills. .But Nikki has well and truly grown into the title of King of Wands For one, he is a Sagittarius. (what is it about Sag men that drives me wild!? Oh yeah... Everything! lol). He still lives his life with such a lust for it.  He is very charming, and on Dec 11 he will turn 55 and his ass is just as sexxxy as it was in 1987! He is passionate about everything he does, but like every Sag I have every known, he is passionate beyond words about protecting kids and making sure they feel loved. I swear the more I know about him the more I love him. 

So I am posting two videos for the same song. I want to share with you this video that this precious little girl named Chloe made and sent to him as well as a video that someone else created to speak out against children being harassed and bullied. I will warn you, both are absolute tear jerkers, so you may want to know that before you watch them. But I am creating this post because this has got to stop. Awareness is the first step. And I want to make sure that children who are victims, especially little Chloe who was so raw and honest and courageous in making this video, get heard. She is truly an inspiring little girl. I see her as the Page of Wands, a fearless little leader who is full of potential and has a mischievous spark in her bright eyes and and the power to create much needed change. My heart is sending you so much love and healing sweetheart.

 *Yes, it is the same song. I am intentionally posting two videos of the same song because each one is so powerful and special, as are the lyrics*

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