Friday, December 2, 2011

Can't Wait to Get My Hands On This!~ New deck from Tarot Dame!

I'd like to make you guys aware of a new self-published oracle deck that will be available to us soon and I can not WAIT to get my hot little hands on it! I'm sure all of you are familiar with the Tarot Dame. She is a wonderful reader who has an amazing blog where she does daily draws and cameos a new deck each week. I have learned a lot from reading her blog and am happy that I can now say I think of her as more than just a fellow reader but as a friend I just haven't met face-to-face yet lol. Well wasn't I shocked when I saw her post the other day that she has been working on this gorgeous new creation. The images are already speaking to me loud and clear and I am so excited to know when the deck will be available!

It makes me think of The Magician I. This card is all about a golden opportunity that has come your way and you have to jump on it. I have chosen the Magician from the Dark Angels Tarot. I love how even though he has all of the tools at his disposal that he needed to manifest a specific desired result, even he is in awe as he watches it unfold. I'm sure this whole process has been a magickal progression for her as she brought her vision to light and it is now a reality.

Please head over to her blog and you can see several of the cards and you will see a link to email her so she can get a good idea of how much interest there is in it as she is doing a limited amount.

Congratulations Kiki!!! 

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