Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reading For a Client: To Trust or Not To Trust?

A client wanted to know if she should or should not trust a certain person  she knows. I used the Faulkner Tarot because it is black and white photography and my client is a very give-it-to-me-straight kinda girl. And boy did it! There isn't even a question about the answer to this!

1-3. If you do trust said person, what will be the result? 8 of swords, Queen of Wands, The Tower XVI- Dammnnn Gina! (a quote from the show Martin lmao) I mean dang. The short answer; aww HELL NO!!! But let's break this down as to why.

1. 8 of Swords- This is a sneaky, sneaky person who likes to play the victim card. I feel like if you trust her you will be giving her power or authority over you and she will use this against you and somehow make it look like you are to blame. Or if she gets caught playing her deceit, she will say that she had no choice *doe-eyed look* That she couldn't make everyone happy and she is so sorry but she was only doing what she had to. The situation was out of her hands. But that is a load of crap! This 8ofSw is saying to me that need to be very cautious who you say what to about this person or situation. She or someone else eavesdrops or reads emails or listens in on conversations when no one is aware. If you trust her, you are leaving the door wide open for her to hit you with some kind of surprise attack, and judging from the rest of the cards in this set, it will really bite you in the ass! But we'll get to that in a minute.

2. Queen of Wands- I keep feeling like this is a work situation, office politics crap. The person in question is a climber. You know, one of those who would say they would hand in your report to the boss since they are going into her office *smile like Brie from Desperate Housewives*. And on the way there, replace your quotes or spread sheet with the wrong info. Or they would answer your phone and "be sure that you get the message asap!" *Brie smile* and transpose the numbers or just never even write them down. Then go and handle the situation herself. You look like an ass, she looks like a rock star. Why? Because she A. took care of the situation and made sure the customer was happy (so the boss thinks she is so pro-active and efficient, a problem solver) and B. she just went ahead and took care of that for you since she knew you were just swamped! (aka you are an incompetent employee and she is all of those obnoxious corporate America terms that make us want to puke like "team-player" and "crew resource management" *Brie smile*  (dear God I hope this about work since I keep feeling that so strongly. Either way, do NOT trust this person!!) She fights nasty. She is smug and she is a liar. But do not underestimate your opponent! She is one very very sharp cookie! She is power-hungry and loves to be right. She totally enjoys making others look foolish so she can come out smelling like a rose. Think that chick from The Hand that rocks the Cradle or Eli Gold on The Good Wife. Or, although I love this character, Constance from American Horror Story. Vindictive, cunning, and duplicitous. Nasty!

3. The Tower XVI-  Man.... whew! Just keep one eye open at all times and steer clear of this person! Do not give them even a slight hint that you are nervous about them, that will only fuel the fire with a personality like this! This person is a predator man, very destructive. But not everyone else may see her that way. She may appear to be harmless, "oh, you know how she is. It's not big deal." Uhh... yeah, it is a very big deal! Again, that whole sweet little victim routine. They are very destructive and if you let your guard down and trust them, it will somehow be worse than what you can see right now. Something will catch you totally off guard and will blow up in your face and there will be hell to pay. Do not goad her into a battle, but like they say when you think a predator is following you or in a elevator with you to make eye contact. Don't start any fires, but let them know that you have got their number "Hi there. How are you today? I'm well thank you." *Brie smile*

If you trust this person, you will rue the day!

4-6. If you don't trust this person, what will it get you? The Lovers VI, The Star XVII, Knight of Cups- This whole set speaks to making choices based on intellect as well as gut instincts and being happier for it.

4. The Lovers VI- This card is so often about romantic relationships. So if I am wrong about this being a work situation, still don't trust her. She is a divide and conquer sort. The Lovers is ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect. It is also about blending the intellect with what you are passionate about, making choices that ring true in your head but also in your heart. I feel like you already know you can't trust this person and you have had an experience or two that substantiates your suspicions. If you don't trust her, there is some relationship that will be much better for it. No matter how much someone else thinks she is harmless, she ain't! If it's a co-worker, a boss, a lover, a family member, they may be blind to this person's true nature. You aren't and I think you know why. Don't forget it.

5. The Star XVII- The Star is all about hope, faith, trust even when you can't see why. Trust your gut! I also think that there is someone else who has got your back in this situation, acts as your guardian angel, a true friend. Maybe they know how she really is and will give you heads up on things. I still would let that person do more of the talking and you do the listening though. Not trusting her will keep you safe and somehow not let your faith in someone, or something be tainted. Maybe your faith in humanity, that not everyone is out to get you and it is ok to allow certain people in. Again, go with your gut.

6. Knight of Cups- You will be much happier and have emotional contentment if you don't trust said person. Peace of mind is priceless.

7. What is hidden that you need to know?- 8 of pentacles- Ok the dang card is an office scene with a coffee cup that has the word "Boss" written on it. Again, is this a work situation? Is this chick trying to take your job, or get a promotion so she has authority over you? Or even if it isn't work related, she wants to have you at a definite disadvantage. I keep hearing that there are lies and something to do with communication that is sneaky.

8. Advice- King of Wands- Again, just keep acting like it's all no big deal, she is no big deal and she doesn't even phase you. Look her in the eye and smile when you see her *Brie* but don't make it overly obvious that you know she is a wench. She is the type who will never ever let anyone see her sweat! She is cocky and loves to be in control and she is very quick on her feet. Always keep the upper hand by doing what you need to but ignoring her. She will hate that lol. But do not let either her or this situation consume you. Stay focused on what is most important, and that is your own happiness and peace. If you let this be at the forefront of your thoughts all of the time, then she has won in all actuality. Because you know her game, treat her as no more than the annoying gnat at the picnic that she is.

I hope this is helpful and gives you the information you need to make the best choices.


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