Sunday, November 27, 2011

My First Night In Jackson Square: Fun For Me!

I just realized I never posted the pix of the first night I read cards in New Orleans' Jackson Square. Then I realized that I've never posted any pix of myself. Just never seemed important. But I am still so tickled pink at it all! So here ya go. (yes, I just had to add at least one word in a different color tee-hee!)

 Ok, I have NO idea what the heck we were discussing that got this face LOL!!

 Willow, my new friend that I met when I went to her to get a reading a few days prior and she told me that I was supposed to be on a spirirtual path and what a wonderful idea it would be to come out and read. She and her husband Xan are the best!
 Embracing my inner High Priestess!

 I love it! I am doing what I love, am so passionate about, helping people find the answers that are right there inside yet are sometimes so deeply hidden. In New Orleans. Look at me cheesin', loving it! Fe Fi Fo Fun for me!

My stars,  before this night, I can't tell you the lat time I smiled like this. *note to Self*


  1. Love it! You're beautiful! Your joy shines right through. So glad you took the leap to follow your heart! xoxo


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