Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Popped My Cherry!

 I did it damnit all to hell! I FINALLY carried my ass down to the French Quarter (FQ) to Jackson Square (JSq) and read cards!
I was so nervous, but I finally made up my mind because it was just before Halloween and what better time  and place for Goddess sake!?! New Orleans, LA in The FQ, on Halloween! If not then, WTF man! I went to my cousin's room and told that ballsy Leo chick to kick my ass. And she did lol! I had no idea how the frick I was gonna get me and all my shit from A-B. It hit me, *ding* use your rollerboard flight attendant! So I packed up candles, put newspaper and prayer in and around the glass holders, my pillow, blanket, cards inscence, 3 decks of cards, and pretty cloths for my table, shoved a wad of bread and a Motrin 800mg down my gullet, slapped on my screaming whore red MAC Russian Roulette lipstick and rolled on out the door. My cousin had gotten the cloth fold up chairs out for me. I threw it all in the back of his beat up pick up truck his wife The Leo named The Green Goblin and carried my ass to the store to get a table. I'd looked it up online, called and they said they had it. I drive to the FQ and decide to go to pay to park so I knew I'd find a  space. I knew I could not have even the slightest thing be even a remotely possible reason for me to punk out! I drag my shit to JSq and start to set up and stop short. WTH.... The freakin' table is  SO NOT the one I saw online!! It barely came as high as my knees and was like 1' X 1'! Was this intended for a 3yr old's tea party?! My heart sank a bit, but I was just so proud I had even got this far. I was jsut about to pack up when the husband, Xan, of the nice couple I have become friends with comes over and is looking at me like WTH is that LOL? He then goes over and Willow, his wife who gave me a wonderful reading a couple of weeks ago and encouraged me to come out there, was so kind and let me use one of her tables! They are the nicest people, I'm really happy to be building a friendship with them! Long story short, no sooner than I lit the candles did a woman come and sit down. I was so so nervous, that I was too nervous to remember I was nervous LMFAO! I ended up doing 3 readings. I'd set a goal of leaving by midnight and not without $100. Well, by 11:30pm, I had exactly $100! I'm so pissed I forgot to take pix of my first big night because I had a ball! I've done readings before, but not anything like this. This was the most brave I may have ever been about my tarot career. I'm still in shock. I have had the most f*kd up stomach flu so I haven't been back yet. But on Oct 30, 2011, (the birthday of my mother who would so not approve- tee-hee-hee!) I popped my tarot cherry LMFAO!

So my inner "Yeah But....." is all like, "well... what if that was just a fluke and you totally suck next time hmmm??"
So my I'm going to pull some cards to address that. I will use my Faulkner Tarot since all 3 peeps chose that one out of the 3 decks I had to choose from. (I just knew someone would want The Tarot of Vampyres on Halloween for Pete's sake, but nope)

This is so direct and to-the-point it's as ridiculous as I am about being such a chicken-shit LOL! We got 2 Major arcana and one face out of 3 cards. The elemental dignites are water/water/air. Which in this reading I'd say are perfect; intuition and emotions mixed with logic and communication. Bam.

1. How do I need to see myself as a professional reader now that I did this?- Queen of Cups- This is water of water. She is the nurturer, the compassionate woman who's intuition is almost always spot on. If you ever wanted a card to represent who you are with regard to anything in the psychic realm, other than the mighty High Priestess Herself, this is it!

2. What is blocking me from seeing myself that way?- The Hanged Man XII- The first thing that came to mind was the word " bullshittin'!" As in wasting time, hanging out, not being direct and waiting until I'm under the gun to do shit while I'm all stressed out. This card is ruled by Neptune. Many of us involved with the spiritual side of life tend to not be successful because we get stoned on the big pink smoke machine and glitter of the esoteric like a bunch of 1930's jazz musicians. We just float along and don't remember that time is money, so use one wisely and you will create more of the other one! --- Omg--- It's 00:10 and someone's alarm clock jsut went off, surely by accident, but while I am looking at this card! Talk about your wake up call! Wake up and get my shit together! Treat this as the real profession it is and not like a hobby to pass the time!

3. What card should I focus in whenever I start to doubt mySelf as a professional reader?                         The Magician I Ruled by Mercury, planet of speed and communication. Card that is the Godsmack of a golden opportunity. It says you have everything you need right at your hot little hands to create the result you want. Just focus, believe with every fiber of your being and make the shit happen. It means an amazing new job opportunity. I have amazing chemistry with people more often than not. I make them feel at ease and not judged and am very easy to talk to. I see the path and the bend in it. I don't know where this will take me, but if I don't keep moving I'll neer find out. And the brightness is almost like I'm really outside in the sunshine. There is the path, the boat, the bridge; this will all lead to numerous opportunities that far reach what my narrow vision can see right now. It will take work, but it will be SO worth it!


  1. well done you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait to hear more xxxxxxxxx Karen

  2. Lovey!!! I am just seeing this! Thank yewww!! Never would have happened without you! I love you MORE! xoxoxox


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