Sunday, July 17, 2011

Night of The Dancing Flame

I woke up this morning and saw something walking sideways on the window screen..... I knew I needed coffee, but damn. Then I realized that this was not just caffeine deprivation, but that a very large  moth was trapped in between the window and the screen. Now as nocturnal of a creature as I am I could only imagine what a true creature of the night was going through, trapped in an east-facing window, the direct sunlight burning it and acting like kryptonite on the poor thing, or like sunlight to a Vampyre! So I opened the window and patted on the screen and the poor night angel fell down on its back on the window sill. I realized time was of the essence for her because she was almost dead. I got a papertowel and it grabbed hold and I placed it in a cup. Then I cut a piece of yarn and dampened it with water so it had food and drink and went downstairs and put her outside. I was so afraid she was dead, but then she let me help her on her feet. I think she will be ok, I sure hope so.

moth on my screen window So the question of the day is what is the message to me in all of this? I went to a site that a very cool and knowledgeable lady named Avia Venefica has, to read over the symbolism of moths. Wow does she have a ton of great info! (Btw, I only just realized last night that all of the time I have spent adding links to the end of posts and NONE of them seem to have EVER taken...WTF man. Anyone who can let me know what I'm doing wrong, or how to---shit I don't even know the proper computer make it so when you click on words it takes you to another page, like it does when you type in www. I would SO appreciate it!!!)

So as I was getting the night flyer ready to be released, a few things came to mind. How I too hate feeling trapped. How I have always hated morning but a learning to embrace it since I have to get up early anymore. How I FINALLY set up my new blog last night (YAY ME!) that will be public and this winged lady of the night confirms the name I have chosen for it. How breathtakingly gorgeous the moon was last night!!! Huge, full, and orange, like a picture of Gotham City. How she made me think of vampires, creatures I love so much. How when I was a flight attendant I always tried to work red-eyes. I knew I had to use my Halloween Tarot which was a very special gift from a wonderful lady I met in the French Quarter 2 years ago on what proved to be a very special night. I wonder if any Sword cards will come up since moths have to do with air and because in this deck they are on the face cards. Let's see...

6 of Imps(wands), 8 of Bats(air), Queen of Imps(wands)
The first thing that strikes me is the elemental dignities- Fire/Air/Fire-  Whatever I think of or imagine happening will happen because of what is motivating me. Less talk, more action though. The 8 of  Bats catches my eye first and this is how I feel in a lot of ways, and how my moth friend was, trapped. To me it looks like bats are tyring to help the woman get free from the extreme limitations holding her back from the safety of her home in the background. And look at where she is! Talk about between a rock and a hard place man! Just like the moth was. And today those strips of white are not the usual cloth I've always seen them as, but feel like toilet paper. Surely she can just bust through that, or she can fall into the water so it can just dissolve where she can swim to shore or her bat friends can carry her back to dry land. Like my moth, sometimes we need a little help to escape awful situations before we can gain our freedom and independence. I've been made very aware of angles lately. Another elemental creature of the realm of Air. And Black Cat is already helping---follow my intuition. Once she removes the paper from her eyes, she will see that everything around her is awesome! The 6 of Imps is victory an the Queen of Imps is the woman who can do what 10 people can do with style, grace and laugh the entire way. It's like the little imp from the 6 who held Black Cat is bringing her hope and joy in the form of that sunflower. My moth was here to keep me inspired to not give up.
Now, the card at the bottom is The Lovers IV. Since I am having to make posts from my phone and someone else's computer, loading photos is a pain in the ass lately! So it may or may not get pictured. (I took a picture of Lady Moth after I had taken her outside so lets see if I can post it. Maybe she can bring my ass a scanner lol. Corse, I do have MUCH bigger needs these days lol!) A brief description is that a  woman is laying in her bed, Black Cat over her head, and a Vampire is coming in her window. She seems quite shocked, yet quite calm and he looks very excited. Her German Shepherd is looking at her, not him, and not barking, just very calm. Ok...with regard to the question at hand, the bottom line is that Lady Moth was sent or maybe even drawn to me. The candle on her night table says this, and reminds me not to get distracted. And she is reminding me I have to use my intuition (Black Cat) to guide me toward the right choices. Change is something that I have never liked, but this says that this is a time for drastic change, a whole new way of life. It will be very different, maybe scary. But change is happening and if I allow it to, it will transform my very stagnant way of being into a life of true happiness.

This card also makes me think of an old flame, for a lot of reasons. The moth to a flame metaphor, which is exactly how it was when said person and I met. In New Orleans. A man who loves Vampyres as much as I do. Who walked in on the very night and in the same bar while I was talking to the woman who gave me this very deck of cards. Who is an Aquarius, or in this deck, the King of Bats. Which has a huge moth that has lit on his throne just above his head.--- I won't even get into the other signs I have had in the past few days including today with regard to him..... wtf man.

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