Saturday, July 2, 2011

Signs Are Back 7/2/11

So all of a sudden, the signs as far as Australia are back! I spoke with Tara and she mentioned it last night. Today, I've had like 5 signs and it's only 3:23 PM! Now, as usual, I have not done any searches for Australia or anything related to it, but it keeps popping up. I did a search for starting a blog on Wordpress, I get some chick who is a blog techie from Australia. I do a search to find my blog, this very one (seems there are a LOT of folks who have the spelling "violette" and kitty in their name...who knew!? And here I thought I had chosen some random, obscure name when I choice this one...humph!) and I end up on some lady's sight who does tarot in Perth. Mind you, she did not have violette or kitty anywhere in the name. I think it was just called "Tarot In Perth". It seems that whenever I am looking up info with regard to tarot or making a new tarot blog that I will actually promote, not just be my diary, the signs for Australia start to pop up. I need to put energy into manifesting a way to get my ass there.
Australia Melbourne

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