Friday, June 24, 2011

Thank you Boca Raton! xox

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OMG!! I don't have time to write much since I type like...well not even a 3rd grader in this day and age, but my typing skills kinda suck is the point lol! 
Anyway.... Cliff's Notes version is that I had a wonderful time in Savannah in spite of it being for such a sad occasion. My g/f was so surprised and happy I was there. I totally did the right thing by going and supporting her!!!
What's nuts is that within about a 1/2 of being in the car the job offer came!!!! I gave them the 411 on my crazy life and explained that is why I have not tried to get in touch and told almost no one I am in Atlanta. They were like "honey that's what friends are for, not to judge but to help if they can. Hell yeah we can find a job for you!" I've only really done 2 things in my 39 years. I was a nail tech for 10 years and a flight attendant for 10. So I always feel like that limits me. But they said that the huge amount of customer service skills I have makes me a lot more marketable than I realize. So please keep your fingers crossed for me/say a prayer/chant/light a candle/howl and damn the moon that this works out! It would be working as a hospital administrator, which I never ever in a million years would have known to even consider! And I may even get graveyard or 3rd shift! (what other freak wants graveyard?! LOL) So my goal is to be gainfully employed and living in the ATL within the next 30 days.

Atlanta Skyline at Night The other thing that makes this so fantastic is that I have been wanting to read cards professionally since...forever and a day ago. But I doubt my gifts as a reader (and in so many other areas I guess) so much until I never have the balls to do it. But this reading has gone a very long way to making me believe in myself and just do it!! I owe so much to my friends who's CONSTANT love, support and encouragement have helped me so much!! I l love you all so very much! Guess I gotta let you all know I even do this blog huh LMAO! I suppose it is time to promote this bad boy huh lol. And thank you to the one person who does follow me here. You are a total stranger to me, but you stay in my prayers. Your support means SO much! It's helped a lot to give me the balls to promote it as well! Much love to you! XOX

Boca Raton Resort & Club

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