Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Not About Me On a 22 Day

Today I got an email from an old friend I haven't seen since high school. She hit me up on FB and let me know that our mutual very close friend lost her mom and the funeral is tomorrow, June 23, and she is driving from Atlanta to Savannah this evening. I am in Atlanta, but almost no one knows. I have really withdrawn a lot from life given my financial circumstances. I knew I should be there for my friend, but that means all of the normal questions people ask: "How are you? What are you up to? What do you do?Where do you work? Oh...well what are you going to do??" I.  HATE. THAT. SHIT. !!! It's just like a a reminder in giant red neon letters of how much my life sux!!! So I pulled out the cards. They set my ass straight.

The Lovers VI, Judgement XX, The Hanged Man XII, The Star XVII
The Lovers kinda threw me for a second lol! Then I remembered it has so much to do with making a choice based on your hearts desire and it is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. We were all so close back in high school and we haven't seen each other or talked in years beyond a quick hi and bye on FB. The choice from my heart is to be supportive of my dear friend as she goes through one of the most awful things a person can ever endure, the loss of a parent. and her mom was a single mom. And she was such a nice lady. My heart knows that the right thing to do is to show my love and support and to re-connect with both of my friends. Judgement, well, I mean, this is as clear as it gets. A scene with an angel floating over a graveyard to call the departed on to the next phase of existence. The Hanged Man says to me that staying stuck in my rut needs to end. This card is about taking time to pause and reflect, but I know damn well I have done that for far too long! It is also about self-sacrifice for the greater good. I think my shame about my current situation is going to have to be put aside for the love of a friend. (ya think!?) The card at the bottom is The Star XVII, the symbol of hope, light at the end of the tunnel that you know won't be a train, and about healing. It says you have to detach and see the bigger picture. Because where is the best place to see stars? Wherever it is the darkest.

So then I get sign that is total confirmation when I open my FB page and see my FB friend's page. She is an amazing numerologist (link included) and had her post for today's date, the 22nd. It point-blank stated that a 22 day is all about sacrificing your own stuff for the sake of others! So needless to say, I'll be headed to Savannah this evening.

* Now, at the risk of sounding like a crass and selfish jackass....
The Judgement card also represents second chances, often with regard to career or work, and the Star can mean a house move. I wonder what else may be coming from my decision to go to Savannah....

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