Monday, June 13, 2011

Should I Start A New Blog??

So I've been toying with the idea of a new blog for quite some time now. Ever since I did the wonderful teleseminar with the very cool Theresa, The Tarot Lady. So I've asked "If I do this, what will I get? What will I give?"

6 of Pentacles, 10of Cups, 7 of Pentacles
Ok, straight talk here, I gotta say I was so happy to see some pentacles up in here lol. Because as aultruistic as I may be, I need and want to make some cash! The next thing that stands out to me is that the top row that has a lot of red and orange tones and the bottom has lots of blues and greens. This will bring me a lot of joy and will be something I am passionate about. I think these colours are to show that in spite of a lack of wands, this venture will  require me to take action and light a damn fire under my ass, something I so desperately need.
The 6ofP lets me know to NOT feel in anyway guilty about charging for readings! Fair exchange is no robbery! And as much heart and soul as I put into my readings I give a whole lot of myself. The circus tent is saying don't allow others to treat tarot as some cheap parlour game, respect it as a true skill not just cheap entertainment. The 6ofP is all about give and take.

The 10ofC says I will gain so much emotional fulfillment from this. I see the woman's left hand is the one holding the hand of the man she can not actually see. My guide(s) will be with me talking right in my ear so just lay back and relax just like this chick and trust the process. It's about feeling and feelings and the subconscious, that's why I think there are not swords. Don't think so damn much, just feel and let it flow!

The 7ofP tells me that I will get more confidence the more I practice and do the performance of it. Practice on my friends and their friends. That way I can evaluate my progress and continue to get better and better. But tarot is a continuous journey of learning, NOT a final destination of perfection. And as Theresa said, find my own voice, my own style. No matter how many times the same song has been played, the world has never heard it sung in my voice. I also think this is speaking directly to my confusion about traditional meanings and intuitive interpretations. It is calling to mind how I just found out that a song that I've loved for years is actually a re-make. The Looking Glass by Siouxsie and the Banshees was actually done like 10 years earlier by Kraftwork. What if Siouxsie had not thought her own way of expressing the song had just as much (maybe more??) value than the original? Use the original meanings to build from and create my own version. And don't compare myself to anyone but me as I evaluate my progress!

The Hermit IX, 8 of Swords, 10 of Wands
I notice that this row has all shades of greens and blues in contrast to the upper row. I will give people emotional support and a means to grow. And I see all three cards have mountains, so I'll also give them a way to overcome the obstacles they face. Two cards have homes at the top of the mountains. I do have the ability to make others feel safe and cared for.

The center card calls to me first, the 8ofSw. People come to readers when they feel stuck. My blog will give them a safe place to clear their head and sort things out, all of those self-imposed limitations that keep all of us trapped and made to feel like victims. I will give my readers (including me!) a way to stop going round and round, back and forth in a figure 8, like a rat on a wheel with no way off.

The Hermit shows how that can be accomplished. For me this card has always been like the Grand Poobah version of the 6ofP. Once you've gotten that wealth of knowledge, it is each of our responsibility to pass it on. This Hermit is writing in his journals, like I will be typing on my keyboard. The little bird on his left shoulder again says that my guides will be there to make sure I give the proper information in the best manner of understanding for each person. And I love the look of pensive compassion on his face.

This 10ofW shows all of these people who have been turned into puppets, trapped, not living but just kept prisoner by some unseen force. And the are stuck on this tiny ledge with little margin for error. But the strings look like if they just gave them a few good yanks they'd break. They are all looking down and their hearts are covered by their arms. The new blog could be what inspires people (starting with my own ass) to cut the crap that keeps us trapped and closed off from living life to the fullest. And again, here is another house. It may be an uphill battle, we may fall a few times, but that's damn sure better than being victims of circumstance.

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