Saturday, June 18, 2011

I found a really great post from the blog The Tarot Speakeasy, it's called Resolving Fear and Doubt. Two faithful companions that I am SO very sick of. I have added the link the blog so you can see how the spread is done as well as the very cool theory behind it. Here is what I got:

Step 1: The card that matches my inner most fears and doubts at this moment- 6 of Swords
In the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, the 6ofSw is shown with 3 figures in stead of just the usual two on most decks and once in a reading I heard so clearly that the figure in front was Fear and in the back was Doubt, and there I was, shackled in the middle, not flying high. This applies to how i feel about so many things. I think the trick to understanding this version of the card is that it's not always the things that are happy and "positive" that offer the most assistance on moving forward. It's actually the crappy, scary, f*kd up things that often times have the most potential to take us to where we need to go in life. But it's much easier to be taken prisoner by them than to use them as a means of escape from what ever prison that keeps is held captive. My greatest fear is just remaining stuck, trapped by these two, like I have been for far, far too long, and never breaking free.

Step 2: The card that matches my strengths- 6 of Cups
It's kinda disturbing that I had to narrow it down to just one card for Step 1, yet had a hard time finding a card for Step 2..... I  chose this card because I have a gift for making people feel emotionally safe and reminding them of fond memories from past situations  and of what makes them lovable regardless of how others may see them.  (funny I happened to choose two 6's)

Step 3: The Anti-doubt- The Empress III
This is who/how I  must be to resolve the fear and doubt. I first notice how very confident this Empress is, so confident she has the whole world in her hands and stars of hope surrounding it. (Note, there are six stars. I gotta look into what 6's mean. Also the Empress is a 3). The next thing I see is that her head is in the air (logic, thought) and her heart is in the water (emotions, healing, love). I need to see that neither is more important than the other, they just have different places. She is saying to me that if I am more loving and patient with myself, the confidence will come. I will then be able to teach others do the same.

Step 4: A sign to look for that it's working- Knave of Wands
This is reminding me of how important listening to the right music is! Music can alter my mood almost instantly. I need to listen to songs that motivate and inspire me to be driven and not give up.

I really liked this exercise and will have to try it again!

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