Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Computer Generated Readings From Psychic Knight

These are so accurate!!

The relationship root


You’re more psychic and switched on than usual. Pay attention to your dreams and your gut instincts. Your dream is in sight so make sure you lay the foundations. Great things are going to occur so prepare with the certain knowledge that you will succeed.

Purple Sometimes you wonder if financial security and spirituality go hand in hand, money is energy and you deserve that energy, if you haven’t got it you, cant share it. You can have it all, love, spirituality and financial security and why not!


Birth date
25th December
Sodalite – grounds you and gives you a sense of security
Healer, Vicar, Philosopher
Key Features
Otherworldly, Mysterious, Plunging
Naturaly good at
Entering into secrets
You’re a bit of a mysterious creature. You seem very down to earth and practical in some ways yet beneath that sensible exterior lays the heart of a spiritual warrior. You’re deep, dreamy and intense. Your mind travels to unknown depths and you live in a fantasy world, don’t worry know one else would guess.
Life path
You need to balance the practical with the magical, the serious with the sensuous and the deep with the light and fluffy. Hard tasks, particularly as you do not like to reveal to others you true nature. Open up, free yourself and life should be much more real and fun. The secret of all mysteries is usually obvious.
You have strong sexual fantasies and longings but can see this as a weakness. Indulge a little in your desires and explore you sexuality with an open heart. Tantric sex would appeal with a healthy dose of earthy rough and tumble chucked in. Why not try a Pisces whose ruler Neptune is your birthday ruler
Best present
Adult Toys, Rose Massage Oil

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