Friday, April 15, 2011

Pulling Out The Weeds With the 3 of Pentacles

I decided to just do a very simple one card reading. I asked my guides "What do you want me to keep in mind today?" I got the 3 of Pentacles. This version os such an unusual take on this card. But they are telling me to focus on my spicy side and exert some energy today. 3's are things coming together and Pentacles represent the element earth. Things coming together and getting tangible results. That won't happen if I focus on old Moaning Myrtle over there. She holding the pentacle in her hand, and both have one above their heads. Think about what you want to create and you will manifest it.

*later on*

So Helen and I didn't run the errands we were supposed to today. But instead we cleared out the old weeds that needed to go. It was actually strangely soothing and relaxing. And talk about having a hands on approach to earth energy lol! It was very oddly soothing to do it and I used it as an opportunity to do some creative visualization work. I put the intent into my work that I was "getting to the root" of  fundamental darkness, of the karma I need to face and then transform. I love the smell of soil, earth, so I inhaled deeply and took the rich sent deeply into my lungs. As the Queen of Pentacles, I realized how much I need to do this more often, get in touch with the element of earth and it will help me to become grounded and to cultivate the tangible results I want to harvest.

* The flower bed we cleared out. I can't believe how much they have opened up in the 24 hrs since we did it! They were all as tightly closed as the ones in the background!

Just a shot of the beautiful borage blossoms. This is a great herb used for courage and optimism. Roman soldiers even drank a tea made from it before going into battle.

**This is 11 days later!

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