Sunday, February 6, 2011

Daily Reading

Using my U. G. deck this is what I got for today. 6 of Wands. Wait...I just noticed the cards are 6,7,8 and in that order so that suggests a clear progression of things. I see in the 6 of wands, the card of victory, the gorgeous warrior Goddess Andraste. As I her shield Joan of Arc comes to mind, a fierce warrior who fights for the rights of her people who clearly admire and respect her. She is like a phoenix rising. As I see Bleodwyn in the 7 of Swords next to her I'm first thinking of my inner Dominatrix lol. And with the 8 of Wands being communication and shit jumping off quick, fast and in a hurry, I wonder how this could possibly pertain to today?? Is it me remembering the outfit the drag queen Jealouse' had on last night lol? Maybe since it's SuperBowl Sunday and my Stillerz are playing, it is showing our victory and how we are gonna kill the Packers and celebrate and I'll be communicating a lot with people via phone and text and FB. The fire and celebration in the first card, the gold draped on Bloedwyn who was a killer (although I hope the officials are fair and there isn't any cheating since the 7 of S is the sneaky bastard card! Maybe it just means we will win by playing not only hard Steeler football, but by playing smarter!) and then in card three we are happily on the green of the field. So the it would read: Victory by cunning and well planned execution ends in celebration. Hmm. 

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