Saturday, February 5, 2011

I asked my guides to speak clearly to me today. I mean, I always do, but today in particular b/c I wanted to use my Faulkner Tarot deck and I seem to have a hard time with it. And I'll be damned if The Star didn't come flying out at me! What a way to get it started! 

It is the ultimate wish card, as in wishing on a star. It means recovery, hope, friendship angels and guides looking out for you and all your wishes are to be granted. It's about remembering that not matter how dark things may seem, keep the faith b/c there is a light at the end of the tunnel and this time it's not the damn train! It's magick pixy dust! Sprinkle my ass baby! But just remember to be careful what you wish for lol! The bucket next to the wishing well says to me that there will be lots of wishes will be granted! Now for Rhiannon, the creator of the deck, her gypsy meaning means property, like your dream house or property! Look at that roof top over the well. God knows how much I want my own home!!!! I don't know where I want to live, but I do want to own a home. For the moment I want my own apartment that is in the city and close to everything. A nice,  safe, homey spot of my own!
Next is Judegement XX. Now I know I just got this yesterday! The sunlight coming up over the mountains is so bright and I can feel the warmth. And hell, the sun is actually a star, our star here on Earth that sustains all life. My eye is drawn to the reflection of light across the water where there seems to be a boat. She says this card is about a whole new chapter in you life that is really serious. That some of us make the same mistakes over and over (umm...I was just bitching about this little trait!) For once those mountains don't look dark and overwhelming and the body of water is huge but calm. The gypsy meaning is "rethink your career or a second chance at it". OMFG!!!! She literally says it's another shot at a career choice that didn't work out or you didn't think you had the qualifications for!!! LMAO and that "it's also a journey over water and not just some short holiday but a serious move!!!" HOLY FUCK STIX!!! Because this goes insanely perfectly with the next card!!!

The 8 of Pentacles is traditionally about going to school, education, vocational training and I'll be damned if she doesn't have a damn coffee cup with the word "boss" in bold lettering sitting in front of a computer!! All of this shit is bananas b/ c I just  came up with the idea 2 weeks ago that want to go for my dream again of going to school for professional make-up and to top it off, now I want to go to Make-Up Forever Academy in Paris!!! For Rhiannon this card also means a promotion or a new job, which is nuts because with this picture b/c I have been thinking of several money making ideas i can put into play in spite of the back issues! So I feel like my guides are kicking me in the ass to do the phone sex thing in spite of my apprehension.

The card on the bottom is The Hanged Man XII. I have always had trouble with this card and they say when you have trouble with a card that means that you have a lot to learn with  regard to its meaning. This big ass clock just seems to be real clear that I need to be patient b/c it's not quite yet time, but I need to prepare b/c time will sneak up on my ass and then, true to for as was mentioned in The Judgement card, I won't have my shit together and have to wait and wish and hope for another opportunity to come about! I just heard them say "The Star card also means the stars are about to all be in alignment just for you! The Universe is opening up, so don't miss this!" Rhiannon has some great things to add to it. That proper planning must be done and also that I will have sacrifices that are going to have to be made. It will be worth it, especially with all the very positive cards in this reading, but sacrifices MUST be made. I just heard them say "that clock also means wake the fuck up! Get out of bed and stop sleeping your damn life away!" And we all know how much of a sacrifice that shit is for me! Sad, but true LOL.

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