Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Post of Gratitude

This post is for the sole/soul purpose of expressing gratitude! I realize I have so many Spirits around me who love and want to help me. Sometimes when depression/anxiety is kicking my ass it can be hard to remember that. But it is all a part of expansion and the learning process as a human. So they must allow me and all humans to experience the contrast as Abraham-Hicks would call it ( aka the bullshit). They also teach that gratitude and being in nature are the fastest most definitive ways to feel better and raise your vibration. Yesterday my dear friend Fairy, one of the most amazingly gifted and accurate readers I've ever known, gave me a message from Lord Ganesha. He is Hindu God who removes obstacles and consort of Lakshmi, who let me know recently she was around me and offering to help me. Then I felt Yemaya, who I have not felt in a few months. This mornings oracle card was confirmation of that. Then I received a wonderful care package from New Orleans with gifts that filled me with love and appreciation. Just after openeing it, I stepped outside and received a message via the guardians of Air from my precious Selene! So I will start off with thanking Gansha! If this blog doesn't prove to me I need a Tumbler account nothing will lol.

An offering of delicious British single cream to Gansesha. I used the King of Pentacles for the Universal Goddess tarot which features his love, Lakshmi as the King and he is the elephants in the background. He removes obstacles so that she can usher in blessings. Quite appropriate during this waning moon. In front is smoky quartz to remove negativity and depression and citrine to balnce my 3rd chakra which is a out happiness, empowerment, self-confidence, joy and prosperity. Thank you beautiful Lady of the Fae for all the help and guidance you've been giving me. Thank you Ganesh and Lakshmi.

This was what I got in the mail! Creole coffee!!!! Omg, there are so many things I absolutely love about the UK. The coffee situation is fucking horrific! This was the Ace of Cups if ever there was one lol! And this crystal is something I shall treasure forever. The amount of healing and love that Joshua put into it is unreal. It actually vibrates and filled my whole body with a feeling of love radiating from it like electricity! It was like... Like a film of darkness and weight and shit just started to evaporate and was pulled off of me! That man's healing abilities are so powerful. I am so grateful for these gifts. The time he made in the midst of a whole lot of chaos and shit he is dealing with, and the criminal amount of money it coat to send 2 bricks of coffee and a crystal - $24.75 US! That is just robbery. I am so grateful to Joshua for sending me these things and that SOMEHOW, we are able to be friends. I am grateful to the precious gift of healing crystals bring. I am more motivated to get my shit together and get on track with my Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing Course than I have been since I first signed up!

This is the message Selene asked the sylphs to show me. I'm not sure if anyone else can see a dog running happily other than me LOL! But I had a deep sense of knowing it was from her, sans the questioning my left brain often does. I love you and miss you more than words can say. Thank you for coming to let me know you are happy. That is what matters most of all. I am so grateful for every second you shared with me! Every walk at 3AM in the rain to go potty, every time you took up the entire bed, every time you looked at me with eyes of pure love. You were a gift from the angelic realm.

Yesterday I felt the presence of Yemaya, African Orisha who is the embodiment of maternal love. In the tarot she would be the Queen of Cups. She found my apartment I used to have on Bourbon St. It was so tiny, but I loved that place so much. I dedicated my bathroom to her, a common thing since she rules the ocean. This was my alatar to her. Today I drew the card titled Ocean. Isn't this deck beautiful. I'm so grateful for Dr. Steven Farmer who created it and the artists who brought the illustrations to life. He explains it to mean allowing yourself to feel whatever emotions that are coming up and not judge or fight against them, even if they are sucky ones like guilt, anger and grief. I need to learn that we feel our emotions, but we are not our emotions. Thank you Yemaya for the happy times I did spend in this wonderful apartment. And for the next one I know you are preparing for me. Ashé Mamma.
The first Goddess aside from Mother Mary I ever worked with was the Norse Freyja. I haven't worked with her for several years, but I've felt her around me since I've been in the UK. I do so love her and this may be my favorite depiction of her. It's from a deck I no longer have, Doreen Virtue's Goddess Guidance Oracle. Don't know why I associate miragolds with her, but I do.
Yemaya has two sisters she loves dearly. One is Oshun. In tarot she is the Queen of Wands. Yemaya rules the salt waters, but her sister rules the sweet waters, or the rivers. This was her altar I had in that same apartment on Bourbon. Thank you Oshun for giving me laughter, music and making me feel pretty.
The third sister is Oya and she can be the storm, the tornado, or the rainbow that follows it, but is the winds of change. Think the Ace of Swords. She told me I had to come of the UK and could not go back to New Orleans until October. I've ignore her words in the past. Won't make the mistake again I tell ya! I took these beautiful pictures that represent her several weeks apart. Both were quite timely I'd have to say. Thank you Oya for helping me to find my inner warrior and to learn that change is the breath of life itself. Ashé.
My beloved mermaid sister, LaSirene, Our Lady Star of the Sea! It had been so long since I'd felt you and you made yourself known to me in several ways whilst I was in Cornwall. The altar was one of the three I had for her on Bourbon St. Lol! She is the Haitian Lwa who helps us with self-actualization and thus self love. I adore LaSirene. Thank you my sister for the 3 shooting stars I saw several weeks ago. And for the 13 Matthew and I saw in one night!!! Especially after showing yourself in that magickal photograph he took of both the aves and the Milky Way! When I have the money, I will surely purchase it as well as the latest shooting star he saw last weekend.

Last for this post, but definitely not least is the practice of yoga. It tends to show up as The Hanged Man in tarot readings. It has helped me tremendously to move through this very deep depression/anxiety, fear and grief over the loss of Selene. The benfits of yoga are seemingly limitless. I am most grateful for the Heike, a girl I used to fly with who was the first person to drag me quite reluctantly I might add, to my first yoga class back in 2001 when I lived in Ft. Lauderdale. Also to my angel of health and recovery of my spine and often my mind, Marjorie DeJoie and for the two instructors who made the biggest impression on me while in Philly at 12th St. Gym, Chick and Stephanie.
These are but a few of the gifts, people, gods, Goddesses, Spirits and elementals I am appreciative of. To all of them I say thank you! And to those of you who read this blog. Though I have no clue who any of you are, I know there are those who do. And it brings me a lot of healing to know my words matter, and that they bring healing at times to you.






















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