Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Queen of Swords as Mel Robbins

So after I made the last post I tripped over an very powerful video. About 2 min into it I almost turned it off. The woman presenting this Ted Talk, Mel Robbins, was seriously rubbing me the wrong way. My mind was coming up with a lot of judgements about her, many of which may or may not be true, but I'm so glad I realized that silly shit was irrelevant to the amazing knowledge she was sharing. She is as Queen of Swords as anyone I've ever seen. She is a public speaker and blogger, criminal attorney, mother of three, wife and relationship and career expert. (You can see why I decided to tell my critical board member in my brain to go play in traffic) She is an extremely direct, curt, to the point, in your face, unapologetic woman of action. I'm lucky to have found her powerful voice that cuts through the bullshit and tells it like it is. The next time I say "I'm fine" I'll see this outspoken blonde and hear her words, "...get outta your head! You would not hang out with people who talk to you thway you talk to yourself!" How synchronistic the Universe sent me this after what I just posted! I hope this helps any of you who check it out.



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