Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice 2014 - Joy


We're back! Damn, when I fall off, I fall OFF!!! Six months to the day! Anyway, let's just get to the point. If you don't follow the girls who do the Tarot Blog Hop, you may want to check it out. I haven't participated in a long time, but I still support them. They do posts based on the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Today is Litha or Midsummer, the longest day of the year when the sun shines the longest it will the entire year. The topic for the hop was "How can I bring more joy into my life?" It's so weird to have the words joy and tarot in the same sentence and not have Arwen saying it lol!

This is a damn good question since I just found out 3 days ago that the "safe, responsible, reliable" neighbor I left my beloved 1 1/2 year old Belgian Shepherd Selene with wasn't such a good choice. I've been gone two weeks. She's dead. I have no words to explain what I feel. Before I start throwing things and crying uncontrollably, I'll leave that topic alone.

So here's shag tarot has to say about how I can find some joy. Although I kinda feel like saying fuck joy and anything to do with it. *sigh*


1. Where can I find joy? - Queen of Cups - By the sea. I'm currently in the UK, close to the coast, and have already been to the water and will spend a week there soon. What's funny is I haven't used this deck in over two years and it is one of the ones I brought with me from he US. And it is the one I brought when I wentt to the beach a few weeks ago. And guess which card I took pictures of lol. I felt so much LaSirene energy and I have heard her gently whisper in my ear today. And here she is. I also feel like this her reminding me of how much joy music brings me, but as I look at the fish, that she wants me to dance. I stopped my morning therapy of listening and dancing to Pharelle's "Happy" at least three times first thing in the morning. Need to get back to that This is also a reminded to meditate.

2. What will help me to find joy? - Page of Swords- As I was shuffling I hear "the anise is by writing/blogging" and here we have a true representation of communication and done in a very raw, speak with no filter kind of a way. And that is the whole point of this blog. I created it as a place where I can speak from a place that is unfiltered and raw. That's why I do nothing at all to promote it. I don't want to be concerned about what I say or who it will affect. It's my haven to say what the fuck I want of need to. It's how I cleaf my head. Very swords-like indeed.

As I look at this boy offering me two swords presented on a beautiful cobalt cushion, one silver the other gold, I'm reminded that happiness IS a choice. Is a difficult one as of late, but I know what happens if I choice not to actively pursue it. It ain't pretty.

3. What will hold me back from it? - Strenght VIII - Ha, this was the very last card that I drew when shit just got ridiculously crazy and I stopped posting. I'll need to go back and see what it had to say back then.

This card has so much solar energy to it, it's Leo. Not recognizing just how strong I am, how much shit I've dealt with and overcome and not giving mySelf credit for diminishes my power. I need to channel Leo energy that radiates pride, confidence. Think Mick Jagger, Lucille Ball and President Obama and his pimp-ass walk. Stop thinking small, embrace feminine, feline power like on the card.

As I'm typing this I guess I got confirmation as sun-colored feline jumped on the cards lol. Meet Ozzy who is a love! Cats. No shame lol!










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