Monday, June 23, 2014

Should I Teach Tarot?

I've been considering teaching a tarot course for a very long time. I asked the cards today about that.

1. General energy surrounding the matter - 7 of pentacles - I've been waiting a long time to see this through and actually manifest as a reality and the time is nigh. I've been through a whole lot of shit, but that will only make the course that much more well-rounded, informative and meaningful to myself and my students. This has the potential to profitable, though it may be a bit slow going initially. Don't give up! It will also lead to numerous other opportunities I can't yet see. Don't be upset with myself for not doing it sooner, it'll prove worth the wait. But it's time to roll up my sleeves, put actual time and planning and do the work necessary to get the result I want. The rewards will not just be financial gain, but a sting sense of pride and accomplishment. (I started working on the course this afternoon *smile*)

2. Why should I do it? - 9 of pentacles - Self. Sufficient. Woman! This completely Amen's everything the 7ofP just said with neon. I'm also getting that my spirits are poised and ready to assist me.

3. Why I shouldn't do it? - The Star XVII - Not one good reason not to! So tell the voice of self doubt that is so ready to point out all may flaws and past failures to kiss where the sun don't shine! I have so many angles surrounding me and supporting me it's ridiculous. If I don't do this, I'll be doing such a great dis-service to mySelf as well as others exponentially. Touching touching people's lives through tarot is my dream, my passion. I have the potentially to be every bit as successful, inspirational, and healing as the people I most admire. My fear has always been that it would take a miracle - well here it is delivered with sparkling pixie dust and the assistance of an entire Legion. I also see this as confirmation that I will incorporate what I am learning through my crystal healing course I'm taking from Hibiscus Moon and yet further confirmation that I am to take an angel healing course (Doreen Virture?? Mayyybe. Maybe through someone else. Either way, do it.)

I pulled a card from my Earth Magic Oracle by Dr. Steven Farmer to ask how I can best tap into the energies and desires above. I got Meadow. I'll let the pictures from tonight's walk explain how the Universe provided an opportunity to do so.



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