Monday, February 11, 2013

Optimistic with Ludy Lescott Tarot

I haven't gotten a chance to use my Ludy Lescott deck and I've been dying to. It's a concept deck and it is set in New Orleans. It's a pretty dark deck, but y'all know I love those as well as the graphic novel style or artwork.

So I decided to keep shit simple tonight. I'm tired and want to take a hot shower and read my book, so I asked - What was today about?

First off, the elements are Earth/Earth/Fire. The day did start of slow and I was not feeling like doing a damn thing, bu then I got a second wind and some pep and was fired up to go to another parade. The energy of a parade is electric. Which if you are up to the task and you like that kind of thing, it's fantastic. If not, it would just be exhausting and sux rocks.

1. Work - Queen of Pentacles - Well we are off to a very accurate start. This is my significator since I'm a Capricorn. And I had back to back readings all day long, so did make some money. As I look at the background, it makes me think of sunrise. Even though I woke up at 11:00 I didn't get enough sleep and felt like I was getting up early. I see her sitting in quite, peaceful solitude. Damn I sure did want to have that. But I had to sit on my reading throne (just chair with some pillows) and focus on offering beauty and hope to others like this queen is as she offers this rose.

The white rabbit here has a lot of meaning. One thing is the joke I cracked. It just popped out of my mouth, almost like it was Spirit speaking, not me, cause the shit was real crazy lol! I joked that I was going to have a baby with a King of Pentacles friend who is incredibly precious and means the entire world to me. (we both have a terrible crush on each other, but... It's complicated. Very! And no! It's not another chick or anything like that!) He moved away and I haven't heard from him and I've been a bit worried. But I got 2 signs back to back when I went to Bacchus tonight (a major Mardi Gras parade) that I will hear from or see him soon. This is another sign. It even makes me wonder if he is like this rabbit hiding in plain sight, sitting right in the train if her gown, watching over her. He would do that lol.

2. Love/romance - 2 of Pentacles - this card makes me think of wondering where and how my KofP. She has that longing on her face as she looks off into the fast wilderness, but she doesn't appear to be sad or pining. She seems quite content and positive. It also brings to mind 2 suitors from the recent past who both reappeared with in 2 days of each other. (Suitors lol. I'm so strangley old fashioned sometimes I crack myself up!) Both great guys, but it would never work with either. I see them as the two disks carved out of the marble railing. This woman is paying no attention to them. Her gaze is fixed on the horizon, patiently keeping watch, her graceful hand over her heart. Is it to protect it? Or is it because she has finally accepted the reality that she is waiting to give it to a specific someone?

3. Friendship - Ace of Wands - This is my dear friend Michealle. The top frill of her corset and collar make me think if the gorgeous clothes she let me borrow for the Vampyer Ball this past Halloween. And she is a fire sign, an Aries. For a wand, this chick is lookin' real serious, real dry, real unenthused. My friend is coming to some new realizations about things in her life that are completely draining her of her energy and any kind of joy. She's kinda past the crying stage and the screaming mad stage. She's like this babe. Ova tha bullshit. Anger means possible hope. Apathy means that's a rap folks.

The other thing I notice is the hand extending the cane. We have been each other's support through quite a number if things over the past few months. Neither of us even has to ask. The love, support and hope for new possibilities and reasons to remain optimistic are always offered. We are very lucky to have each other to have a shoulder to cry on and to remind each other to keep our head up.

I really like this deck and I'm so excited to see how in tune I am with it. I'm going to have to do a review on it and use it in a reading on


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