Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Amy

I just traipsed home after spending time in my favorite den of debauchery. I decided to take a nice hot shower to unwind. For some reason Amy Winehouse came to mind, and then I remembered that she is a Virgo so her birthday must have just passed or be coming up soon. So after slipping on my jamas I Google to find out when her birthday is. It is today! September 14th. Now I haven't listened to Amy in forever, so I have no idea why it was made clear to me that today is her birthday. Nor why it is important for me to make a post about it since I haven't made any posts on here since July. But it is, and so I am. I was also called to use my Dark Angels tarot. Perhaps because Amy is a beautiful dark angel.

I have chosen to select the Ace of Cups. I pray that Amy has transitioned to a beautiful new state of being that is filled with peace, contentment and love. That she realizes how deeply she touched so many hearts, and that she is missed both body and soul. RIP sweet Amy.
Since either iPad sux or I'm just not tech savy, I am not able to post the video I want to, so here is the link to a beautiful duet she performed with Tony Bennett as well as a link to the post I made last year when she passed.

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