Monday, February 7, 2011

Daily Reading 2/7/11

The first thing I think of as I see these cards is about this blog; emotional communication. The Moon XVIII is such a powerful card for me. I've never understood why a lot of readers don't see all the wonderful positive things I feel with it.  For me it does hold the traditional meanings: hidden situations and issues not yet seen or about to come to light, emotions, karmic patterns, hidden agendas, even the deception. But for me I feel so much more! Romance and sensuality, and mysticism! I think of New Orleans and how seductive she is, of deep emotional connections, of passion, be it with regard to a person or something else that moves you deeply. I love how peaceful and at ease with confidence the goddess Selene is pictured here and the almost irridescent glow of the moonlight on her skin and dress.

Being next to the 8 of Wands I  feel the positive sides of the Moon confirmed. And especially so as Tisa and I sit here watching True Blood lol! Or maybe it's for another reason from today ;) lol.... I'm still in a state of pleasant surprise.

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