Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yule 2011 Spread

I decided to do a Yule reading and found an interesting spread on YouTube. I made a of of my own modifications since I do not have a Goddess oracle or my Universal Goddess Tarot with me. It is mean to reflect from now until Feb 2, which is Candlemas.

1. Elemental power that is accompanying me? - Rx Page of Coins- Earth is the element. Today marks the transition from autumn to winter, a time of the final harvest to the time of harsh endurance. Reading tarot out in the square is toughest now. The weather keeps people away. It will rain for the next several days here, which totally sux because I sure was hoping to make some very much needed cash. And I haven't heard back from the lady who wanted me to work a party of the 30th. So I am stressing money and times are very harsh right now. I hope that the girl's had on that pentacle means that money will be forth coming and being Rx means keep my head up because the element of earth is with me, so security may be hard to see but it is present. Or will be soon.

2. What is most important lesson form recent past?- 7 of swords- This says to me that I have been through some very stressful times, but I always land on my feet. Do not let anyone or anything steal my joy.

3. Central theme of Yule Night- Rx Queen of Wands- Tonight is about me facing my fears and focusing on how this night of rebirth is an opportunity to reignite my passion about my life, my tarot business for example. Especially as I am about to turn 40 in 4 days. I'm calling it "Phase II".

4. What do I leave behind now?- 2 of swords- I leave behind indecision. (God I hope so!) This card always makes me think of New Orleans and Mardi Gras. It is telling me to leave the fears I have about committing to moving back here to NOLA. My emotions are keeping me from getting a grip on how to best take action.

5. What will be born anew?-  Ace of Cups- Gotta love this! I think it is actually speaking to several things. I think it means as I am starting to love myself more and love this Phase II I am opening myself to being able to receive and give love. Until very recently it has been a real long time since romance was on my mind. I think a new romance is headed my way. I also think that healing and a new way for my mother and I to relate to one another will be "born". I sure hope so.

6. Which present do I receive now?-  The Star XVII- Oh wow!! What a magnificent card! Hope and lightness of my spirit. My angels are with me and will guide me. I just did an amazing mediation I learned from Rowan and I know I was interacting with so many loved ones on the other side, including my dad, my grama, and so many of my pets. My beloved German Shepherd Sasha who died when I was 13, my cat Kat who was the most awesome, coolest cat ever. He died in my arms when I was like 21 or so. Spunky, Autumn, Missy, Jr., Vixen. So many of my pets throughout my life. My Grama, Maddie was her nick-name (pronounced Mo-dey. It's Creole speak, don't ask lol) told me how much she loves me and always asks God to protect me and asks the angles to watch over me. She also to me to tell that to my cousin Dana. And my dad gave me the biggest hug and let me know that everything is going to be alright. He really wants me to move to NOLA. Seeing and actually feeling the presence of all of them so clearly was truly a wonderful present! Thank you!!

7. Which present do I give the world?-  The Chariot VII Rx- Uhh... Huh?? ...... I think it is telling me that the best gift I can give the world is for me to focus in nurturing my own Self. To be decisive in the direction I want to take my life and set that course on my souls GPS. STOP TRIPPIN' ABOUT HOW I AM GOING TO GET THERE! Just set the destination firmly in my mind's eye and the road will be shown to me. I also think it is saying I will be doing some serious traveling in June with regard to what gift I have to offer the world. Hmm...

8. & 9. Which major arcana forces stand by my side now?-  The Lovers VI and The Chariot VII- Ok, so you think the Chariot is trying to tell me something lol? I think the Lovers is speaking to that AofC and speaks very much toward the fact that I want to get married to someone with whom I am extremely compatible. That will happen because I have given a lot of thought on how to make better choices. I have been feeling that whoever "he" is, He is not far away at all. And this second Chariot says again that travel in this time period is definite. If I get The World XXI then I know for sure and it will be international. To stay focused! It's like his bow and arrow is pointing back at the Lovers, like one hell of a kick-ass Cupid lol.

10. Under which Ace does this time period stand?- Ace of Cups Rx-

11. What Ace does that the Universe wants to alert me to? - Ace of Wands- Get yo shit together with your tarot business damnit woman! And send out a few more flight attendant resumes!

12. Message from the Goddess via Shadows & Light Oracle- The Angel of Time #40 ~ "Working to hard!"- This deck always speaks to me with numerology and this tough chick is #40, the age I will be on Christmas. At first I was like, "Uh working to hard?? Is she kidding me?" Then I read the booklet. In short, she said I need to spend way less time on the computer, meditate, do yoga and eat right. And she said to "do this Now!" 

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