Friday, December 23, 2011

Leave Behind, Move Toward Re: Scorpio Mamma

This afternoon I asked "What do I need to leave behind? What do I need to move toward?" I felt drawn to my Deviant Moon Tarot (I so need to do an interview with it and give Lisa a proper thank you. Slacker, I am)

Leave Behind- Empress III Rx- I have only used this deck two or three times since I got it. If I had any questions about how well it will connect with me, those are gone. This is crystal clear that the issue with my mother and I is the answer to the question. I am very slowly, but at long last coming to accept and trust that stressing over things DOES NOT HELP! GUILT DOES NOT HELP ANYONE OR ANYTHING! In fact, it makes things worse if anything. If you knew how much hair has fallen out of my head due to stress your jaw would hit the ground. My doctor's did. This card is telling me that the unhealthy situation of emotional control has got to end. (For the love of God I am 39 years old for 3 more days! Really??) I have  prayed on this and made it part of my Yule Celebration to bring healing and shed light on how we can best have a positive, healthy, happy relationship. Now, I have to trust and allow that to happen and not worry. Easier said than done. Damn Scorpio woman. Agh!

Move Toward- Ace of Pentacles Rx - The first thing I noticed was the pentacle in the dragon's hand. I have wondered why it is Rx when the card is upright?? Pentacles are growth and stability. The pentacle is upright, but only when the card is Rx. I feel like this is saying to me that sometimes things have to happen bass-akwards in order to turn themselves around. This will be a long and ongoing process of healing our relationship. We love each other more than words can say, but we are very very different people who tend to rub each other the wrong way. It makes both of us very very sad. The dragon represents how scary this is for both of us, as well as how scary we can both seem. The dragon's hands on the pentacle say to me to hold onto my faith. I did a spell on this, Let it go and let the Goddess do her work. (Dear God, my mother would drop dead if she heard those words. After she killed me lol. Oye vey)

Bottom Line- Temperance XIV - This card is total confirmation that this deck will speak to me very clearly and that I need to spend some time getting to know it better. The lovely blue angel is pouring her healing love into the bowl. That makes me think of a momma's chicken soup when you are sick. I always see the angel on Temperance as the Arch Angel Raphael, the angel of healing. And he is letting me know that the other cards are confirming how I need to handle this and that he is at work and hear for me and for her. Thank you dear Raphael so very much.

Does anyone else who is a grown woman have Mamma issues?? Please feel free to comment if you have any words of wisdom. I could use all the support I can get on this one. Thx


  1. I pray that things will be resolved with momma. I love this spread too! Funny thing is that I have been drawn to the Deviant Moon lately too!

  2. Thank you so much QE. I actually just spoke to her and things are better, but I know the underlying issue is still there to be dealt with. Somehow.

    I look forward to seeing you post using this deck.

    Sending you a very Merry Christmas hug!


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