Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Moon in Aquarius Spread

I thought I'd try a New Moon Spread. I found this one from a Google search that took me to a blog I'd never seen. It uses the four directions and Spirit to tap into how to best use the energies at this time. It is a new moon in Aquarius.

New Moon in the North - 10 of wands - Don't take on more than I can handle, and damn sure what is not mine. I also see the wands in her hands like weights. I need to work out and build my physical strength. I also need to somehow stop stressing about money. It looks like her eyes are looking down at the next card.

New Moon in the East - The Wheel of Fortune - Brainstorm new ideas. Aquarians just love to plan. I need to write out lists and set  plans into motion about the direction I want things to go in. I see the noon phases above her head. Since this is a new moon spread I really think something significant will happen by this time next month. I think I will make new connections with people who will help spin the wheel in my favor.
*Sorry about that flash. Click on photo to enlarge*

New Moon in the South - 9 of swords - As soon as I pulled the card I heard "Quit being such a scaredy-cat!" This is the nightmare card and in this position it is reminding me that when I give in to anxiety and fear the way I so often do, it keeps me stuck, trapped. I need to use my fears to my advantage and feed the flames of creating the things I desire.

New Moon in the West - 7 of wands - I need to put myself and my own needs first.  I have got to realize that this does not make me selfish!! It makes me smart and a person who values and loves herSelf. It will also make me happier.

New Moon at its Core - King of Wands - If I tap into this new moon in Aquarius energy I can really make some serious headway. I can find success in the things I am passionate about and that will inspire and energize me. Look at how confident and brave this King is. I can hear The Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz say "Courage!" which ties right back in with the message from the 9ofSw in the south.

What are you hoping for in next month or so? Do any of you have a New Moon spread you like?

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